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7/30/12 - Crowdfunding For Musicians is a new blog about Crowdfunding Music by Clyde Smith.

1/9/12 - Happy New Year! Offsite: Music Biz Blogs relaunches and Clyde Smith is Writing at Hypebot.

7/10/11 - netweed adds Dance Videos from All World Dance

4/7/11 - All World Dance joins the flood of offsite launches!

2/27/11 - Flux Research, an offsite project, is currently in relaunch mode.

The Paper Plant at netweed

Small press publications from The Paper Plant

My Life with Snapping Turtles by John Dancy-Jones

Hand-laid Papers
Handmade paper products & papermaking classes

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The Clyde Smith Identity
The many faces of Clyde Smith

Dancing Tao
Dance, somatics and Taoist practices

The Postmodern Anarchist
Writing as Clay Richards

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netweed is a project platform currently focused on Hip Hop,
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Clyde Smith runs netweed and can be contacted at: clyde(at)netweed(dot)com

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