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16 Bars Announces Beat and Freestyle Contests

Beats by the Pound and Spit Your Hottest 16 Bars contests designed to give DJs and MCs the chance to get heard by a national audience

April 29, 2005

16 Bars, the new game thats set to change hip-hop forever, is giving DJs and MCs who think they can bring it the chance to get heard by a national audience.

16 Bars, the groundbreaking movement designed to reconnect hip-hop to its roots by promoting competition and by putting power in the hands of fans is announcing the Beats by the Pound and Spit Your Hottest 16 Bars contests. The winners of the beat and freestyle contests will have their work featured at the first 16 Bars competition, Combine, which takes place June 20 at the legendary Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City and on In-Demand pay-per-view.

Beats by the Pound beat contest. Think youve got the skills to lay down a beat? As part of the competition at 16 Bars Combine, each of the competing MCs will freestyle over the same beat. And if a DJ has the skills, their beat will be the one that gets heard. The winning beat will be picked by hip-hop fans registered at the 16 Bars web site, The DJ whose beat is chosen will get a trip to New York City to see and hear the competition, and everyone in the live and national television audience will get to hear their beat.

Spit Your Hottest 16 Bars freestyle contest. Can you spit dope lyrics all day? Think you have incredible lyrical flow? 16 Bars is inviting MCs to spit their hottest 16 bars about 16 Bars. The fans decide who wins and gets a free trip to Combine. And their freestyle will be played at the Hammerstein Ballroom during the competition.

Complete contest information, rules, and eligibility requirements are all located at

16 Bars is a series of 3 competitions featuring hip-hop artists from all over America and beyond. The three 16 Bars shows -- Combine, Phenom, and Icon -- will provide the live and pay-per-view audiences the opportunity to enjoy the hottest talent in hip-hop and to vote on the artist they think is worthy of the title.

Combine features the hottest underground talent in hip-hop. 16 Bars Combine will take place June 20th at the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City.
Phenom features up-and-coming hip-hop stars that have been signed by major labels and who are getting ready to break out. 16 Bars Phenom will take place September 18th in Atlanta.
Icon will bring together some of the biggest names in hip-hop artists who have gone platinum. 16 Bars Icon will take place December 29th in Los Angeles.

All three 16 Bars shows will be judged by the live and pay-per-view audiences using an innovative scoring system that gives them total control of the outcome. The winners of each show will be determined by a groundbreaking scoring system that combines the votes of the live audience (gauged by crowd decibel level inside the venue) with votes cast via text message; votes cast via e-mail (voters must register at; and votes cast by a panel comprised of local DJs, hip-hop personalities, and a fan selected through an online contest.

The winner of each show will receive a cash prize, and 16 Bars will also make a matching contribution to a charity in the winners home community.

16 Bars is taking hip-hop back to the streets, back to the fans, and back to whats real, said Darryl McDaniel of Run DMC.

All three 16 Bars competitions will be broadcast on In-Demand pay-per-view. For more information, go to, and stay tuned for upcoming announcements from 16 Bars.

16 Bars is a Red Queen Media production.


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