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Libertad Music Festival 2005 Uniting the Diverse Sounds of the Latin Hip Hop Movement

Fat Joe at Helm as Executive Producer; Aims to Build a Presence for Emerging Latino Artists

NEW YORK, April 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Catalyst Entertainment, (CE), an entertainment marketing firm specializing in creating original properties that target multicultural and youth consumers, in conjunction with platinum recording artist Fat Joe, announced the founding of the Libertad Music Festival 2005, the first national music tour that unites Latin Hip Hop artists from different genres, and tours them together across the nation.

Libertad 2005 will launch this summer in New York, and then tour to Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago. As an annual concert series, next year Libertad will extend its reach to 10-12 markets nationally and 3-5 internationally.

Celebrated Hip Hop artist Fat Joe co-founded the concept with CE in an effort to help emerging Latino artists further develop a fan base. Fat Joe's presence will be felt throughout the tour: he will ensure that the series truly reflects the scope of Latin Hip Hop sounds from across the country, and he may even hop on stage.

Consumer Brands Supporting the Movement

Libertad 2005 will not only promote up-and-coming Latin Hip Hop artists, but will also help consumer brands connect further with Latino youth. With more than 16 million Hispanics between the ages of 12-34 and an anticipated swell by 2020 to 22 million, this demographic could potentially change the positioning of brand leaders in the future, as the preferences and choices of Hispanics shift from the minority to the majority.

"As the Hispanic market evolves, brands are looking for a way to connect with Latino youth through a medium that is relevant and evokes passion," said Girard Hunt, Vice President of Marketing with Catalyst. "In the Latino culture, music is an intrinsic part of life. And to second and third generation Hispanics who listen to popular American music and relate to the sounds of Latin rhythms, the Latin Hip Hop movement is their home."

The Libertad Music Festival marks only the beginning of the partnership between CE and Fat Joe, which aims to bring many relevant and unique Latin music properties and platforms to mainstream America.

Fat Joe's 6th solo album, "All Or Nothing" will be released June 14th on Terror Squad/Atlantic Records. The first single, "Get It Poppin'" features Nelly and the video is being directed by Chris Robinson.

For more information about becoming a sponsor of Libertad Music Festival 2005, contact Girard Hunt or Tatiana Acosta at 212-777-2928.

Source: Catalyst Entertainment

CONTACT: Sabrina Macias of RL Public Relations + Marketing,
+1-212-206-8668, Sabrina.macias@rlpublicrelations.com, for Catalyst

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