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Your Musics Been Played, Now Make Sure You Get Paid

FCM Entertainment

(April 20, 2005) Last year the recording industry was shaken to its core when Attorney General Eliot Spitzers two-year investigation found that many artists and writers were not being paid the royalties owed to them by some of Americas top record labels. With more than $50 million in unclaimed royalties being owed to music writers and artists in the recording industry, companies such as Flaherty Consulting & Management, LLC (FCM) are right on time.

The companys creator, Delvida Flaherty, Esq., has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years. Working in both creative and business capacities within the music industry has enabled her to appreciate all aspects of the business. Collecting mechanical royalties has been the fastest growing component of our business in the past year. There are millions of dollars in unpaid royalties being held by record labels. And we make it our business to help writers and artists receive what is due to them. Flaherty says.

FCM helps writers resolve split disputes, complete correct song split forms, and maintains current contact information on clients; the most frequent reasons for writers and artists to not receive royalties. According to the settlement, record labels need to either pay out the $50 million or the money will be turned over to the state. We want to catch our clients money before that happens, says Flaherty.

Flahertys honest, up-front business management style has led her to be the go to girl for all things A&R. Artists, indie record labels, major labels, known and unknown music producers alike seek her advice. Many clients such as Disturbing Tha Peace (Ludacris), Black Market Entertainment, (The East Side Boys, Trillville, and Lil Scrappy), Lil Jon Productions, Trak Starz Recordings and Productions (Chingy), So So Def Recordings, and Mason Betha Entertainment trust in and benefit from their guidance.

Flaherty developed the A&R Administration Workbook designed to assist independent labels and production companies through the administrative recording process. By using the forms contained in the workbook, companies will have a step-by-step guide to running a highly proficient and economically sound A&R Administration Department.

FCM always goes above and beyond for their customers working specifically toward each individual clients needs. At a time when more and more artists and producers are starting their own labels, FCM supplies the business know-how while letting the artist or producer remain creative. Flaherty says, Our mission is not just to see our clients get rich, but to teach them how to maintain wealth.

Contact: Bettina Lee
(646) 246.6329
E-mail: Tinaleemedia@verizon.net
Website: www.FCMEntertainment.com

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