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ABYSS Releases Debut Album, "From Now On"

3sixty5 Records recording artist ABYSS is dropping his debut album, "From Now On," on May 24th, 2005. The album features guest appearances by Planet Asia, Walt Liquor, Mikey Mo, JDirt, Big Tripp, The Joint, Arsin, and DJ Daeta.

(PRWEB) May 12, 2005 -- Release on 3sixty5 Records, the debut album FROM NOW ON by Abyss will be dropping on May 24th, 2005. From street bangers to club joints, FROM NOW ON encompasses a range of songs that appeal to the masses. The album is entirely produced by Abyss and features guest appearances from Planet Asia (Gold Chain Music), Walt Liquor (Liquor-Barrel), Mikey Mo (3sixty5 Records), Big Tripp, JDirt (Uber Records), Arsin, The Joint, and DJ Daeta (The Jimi Handtrix Crew).

Abyss is an MC and producer thats emerging from the West Coast as the next big thing from the Bay Area's indie Hip Hop scene. Earning the name because of his deep lyrics and music, Abyss is definitely living up to the title on his debut album, FROM NOW ON. Cultivating a unique rhythmic sound, combined with raw infectious lyrics, his music is catching on fast on both Internet and college radio.

Abyss uses the blueprints of Hip Hop to infiltrate and impact a positive element to the young urban culture. Although growing up in the ghettos of Richmond, CA, Abyss rejects the use of portraying a ghetto lifestyle to reach the minds of his listeners. Songs such as "So Dance", "Miles of Motivation", and "It's a Great Thing" represents a clean, clear, and inspiring view which contradicts the "cookie-cut" Hip Hop lyrics of today's most popular artists. Abyss also brings that raw Hip Hop on songs such as How The West Was 1, If I Wasnt, and Fungus.

"The Hip Hop world needs to hear this album because I'm speaking on some of the biggest problems that have been plaguing our music for years," states Abyss.

During the past few years Abyss has been gaining major exposure through various projects and appearances. In 2003 Abysss song, If I Wasnt, was featured on the YPA: Players Ball 2K3, a street basketball DVD that showcases some of the best street ballers on the West Coast. In 2005 YPA will be releasing their follow up DVD, The War, which will also feature another hot track from Abyss, Times Up. In 2004 Abyss recorded a Hip Hop classic, Repetition, for The Muse10 Project, an underground Hip Hop compilation featuring some of the hottest West Coast underground artists (Mikey Mo, Detane, Enzyme, Forensic Science). Also in 2004, Abyss kept the buzz on the streets with four exclusive tracks on DJ ETCs mixtape, Drop It On Em, which has 10,000 plus copies circulating through out the Hip Hop community worldwide. Not to mention, Abyss also appears on four mixtapes right now in circulation.

Honing his craft as a writer and producer for over ten years, Abyss is ready to let the world hear what he's all about. Through his very own production company Moodswingz Music, in conjunction with 3sixty5 Records, Abyss will be debuting his highly anticipated album, FROM NOW ON, which is scheduled for released on May 24th, 2005.

Abyss's undeniable skills and eclectic style, both through his lyrics and production, is guaranteed to establish him as one of the premier artists of our generation.

3sixty5 Records, LLC

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