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Audio Assassins & Pepsi Hit 350+ Radio Stations!

Atlanta rap production duo The Audio Assassins have linked up with Pepsis Amp Energy Drink to take on 350 plus college radio stations as a part of their 6-Pack new music program.

The producers who are riding high with their latest mixtape Guns Blazin Vol. 1 and the radio/club buzz of their urban artist Maxyne have began to bubble with both the fans and the industry at large thanks to their no-holds-barred sound that results in songs that touch on every emotion possible. Glover, one-half of the duo recently commented on the pairs feelings on getting involved with Amp.

Working with this situation has been incredibly off-the-chain. Were building Audio Assassins as a brand that stands for hot records every time whether they are street joints, emotional tracks or songs that make you want to tip a bottle or ten. Our 6- Pack highlights not only the variety of what we do but it also features interview footage with us and a few of our favorite new artists that we have made incredible music with. Life is more than just one thing, so this is just another way for us to put that out there.

6-Pack program director Joe Iremia described in detail what a 6-Pack is. During the spring and fall months, we service a CD featuring (selected artists) to over 350 college radio stations around the country. It features 6-minutes of audio (a 6 Pack) from (the artist) that features a few of their songs as well as dialogue that gives a listener some insight into where (they are) coming from.

With Guns Blazin Vol. 2. due this summer, a street release of their favorite remixes on the horizon and tracks with unsigned, new and established artists landing over the rest of the year, the Audio Assassins will definitely continue to grind their way into any situation that will result in timeless music.

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