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``Donkey Konga 2'' Jams with Hip-Hop, Electronica and Rock Tunes; Good Charlotte Appears in, Plays a Chart-Topping Song for Nintendo's Commercial

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 4, 2005--Are you ready to crank your next party up a few notches? "Donkey Konga(TM) 2," the bongo-beating Nintendo GameCube(TM) sequel to last fall's hit, ups the cool factor by making use of some of today's hottest hip hop, electronica and rock tunes.

Music lovers can still rock out using their DK Bongos controllers, only now they can groove to hip-hop and R&B hits like "Rock the Boat" and "No More Drama," dance and electronica tunes like "High Roller" and rock hits like "All Star" and "The Anthem."

"We chose these new, popular songs to give consumers the chance to play along to their favorite songs, ones they hear on the radio every day," explains George Harrison, Nintendo of America's senior vice president of marketing and corporate communications. "'Donkey Konga 2' provides a video game experience that crosses age barriers to expand the playing experience to the widest possible audience."

The television commercial for "Donkey Konga 2" features the music and musicians of rock band Good Charlotte. The spot shows band members delaying the start of a concert because they are occupied backstage playing "Donkey Konga 2."

Just as in the original game, up to four players beat the bongos and clap their hands in time to the music; the player with the best rhythm wins the round. Players can compete in a drum roll contest or earn coins to spend on new songs at the in-game shopping mall.

"Donkey Konga 2," Rated T for Teen, launches May 9. The game is available bundled with a DK Bongos controller or individually. For more game information, visit www.donkeykonga.com.

For more information about Nintendo, visit the company's Web site at www.nintendo.com.

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