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"DOUBLE.P" Expose's the World to "Love & War" Rapper in Presuit of Millions Drop's Debute Album

The solo Rapper DOUBLE.P is making headlines with his new 17 song debute rap/r&b LP "Love & War".The album feature's: Keak da Sneak,Young Hustlah,Nitti and meny more.released on the independent record lable Jack of all trades entertainment.

(PRWEB) May 26, 2005 -- The young business owner,rap artist/Jack of all trades venture's out to prove he has the merits to compete with any top 20 artist.The music industry is saturated with wanna be's.DOUBLE.P separates himself from the massses with his undeniably clever delivery and street savy to entertain music fans itching for somthing new. It's like 50 cent on steriods or ludcris on thizz pills!The 17 song LP hit's stores world wide May 19th and was mastered by the world class acoustic engineer Gerald Cook at Beyond mastering studio's.

Feature's include the inventer of the bay area slang word"fo sheezy"and"yadda-know-what-i-mean" Keak da Sneak from 3xkrazy, a popular rap group. DOUBLE.P is a true word smith using cander and karizma to draw the listener to the song long enough to teach them somthing.Imagen candy coated 411 about everyday situations people hope to change but lack the knowlegde to do so,"I just sneak it in on you".DOUBLE.P is a product of a community with no unity,oppression by(crooked cops)genocide by(gangs&drugs) which are a direct pleague to millions of Afrocentic Americans.We tend to be hard off the top on a"WAR"level,If we do get ahead or get recognition we tend to flawnt and therefore make path ways for accusations then down falls no"LOVE".An entreprenuer is what you can call Double.P, Love & War is an exstention and reflection of thing's seen and done in Fresno Ca.Independent record lable Jack of all trades inked the deal with the orchard a NewYork based distrbution company.5 producers,5 studio's and pure takeing care of business brings you Love & War.

Website: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/doubleprap

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