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Justus League's Edgar Allen Floe preps True Links EP

Featuring 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Median and others to be released June 21st 2005

Raleigh, North Carolina -- (ArriveNet - May 31, 2005) --With the Justus League maintaining a healthy buzz, it is only righteous that the next member of the budding conglomerate take his appropriate place amongst the others. Edgar Allen Floe (best known for his remarkable "Righteous Way To Go" off of Justus Leagues "NC State of Mind" compilation) will be taking his swings with the help of 9th Wonder and Khrysis among others with the release of the True Links EP dropping June 21st on MCEO Records.

"With so many different producers, I still managed to create a strong sense of cohesiveness, instead of just making a "compilation." Each producer has his own unique style, but we all have a common love for the music, and thats what shines through. Hence the name TRUE LINKS."

Edgar Allen Floe is featured on Justus League albums from Cesar Comanche (Wooden Nickels and Paper Gods), and has been featured on a variety of songs from other members of the Justus League.

He is a part of the now infamous 15 man musical family, The Justus League, which includes members 9th Wonder, Little Brother, Cesar Comanche, L.E.G.A.C.Y., among others. The first song ever recorded by Edgar Allen Floe and 9th Wonder was "The Righteous Way To Go" in the summer of 2001. This song became a huge hit in the local scene, and quickly spread to Hip Hop fans everywhere. "The Righteous Way To Go" is described as the song that introduced 9th Wonders signature production sound, helping him create his niche as an underground super producer.

A versatile artist, Edgar Allen Floe is also known as Slicemysta, producing for his immediate crew, The Undefined, with partner in rhyme, Mal Demolish.

After True Links, the next project will be from The Undefined, called the Plan U EP. This EP will be 8 new tracks, all produced by Slicemysta. Then in the fall of 2005, Edgar Allen Floes first official album, titled the Streetwise LP, will be released. The LP will feature production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis, Slicemysta, and will feature Sean Boog of The Away Team, Median, Joe Scudda, among others

Tracklisting as follows
1) Intro
2) The Formula 2005 (produced by DJ Forge)
3) I For An I (produced by Illmind)
4) Back In Time (produced by Khrysis)
5) Timelife (produced by Obsidian Blue)
6) Faith In Love (produced by 9th Wonder)
7) The Great Adventure: featuring Median and L.E.G.A.C.Y. (produced by 9th Wonder)
8) Imagine (produced by Picasso)
9) Livelyhood (produced by Slicemysta)

To obtain a press copy of Edgar Allen Floes True Links EP or to schedule interviews by phone/AIM/Email, please contact me using the information below
for booking info contact plan_u@hotmail.com

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