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Morganhaus Records Releasing Debut Album by Sinister Quin Entitled, "Do You Know Who I Be"

MorganHaus Records has released the groundbreaking debut album by Sinister Quin(Winston E. Butts and Search Jackson) entitled, "Do You Know Who I Be."

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) May 6, 2005 -- "Do You Know Who I Be," is an incredible track that reaches beyound just the typical genre of hip-hop and rap with its inspirational lyrics that allows people of all walks of life to identify with it, and also focuses on provoking a deeper look at themselves and at he environment in which they live, while set in amazing versatile dynamic musical rhythms with distinct sounds.

The collaboration is a prject of original songs written by Search Jackson. Sinister Quin(Winston and Searcy) have crafted an album that blends a sense of mature introspection with deep lyrics that raises social awareness coupled with steady smooth soulful beats.

The whole album has deep dramatic lyrics that addresses "Who is the real me?" Also 'What is reality vs. What is an illusion. To the extent that every artist has an artistic vision, Sinister quin wants to make a difference by being a positive musical force inspiring people in their daily lives.

Winston and Searcy speak on their album, "Music influences the lives of all people, espeially youth," explains Winston, "With all the ganster rap and violence portrayed in today's music, there are very few styles in hip-hop that try to inspire a generation to rise above or to self examine itself. We want to change the way rap is looked at by stopping the talk about killing, sleeping around, how much jewelry I got, how many kids I shot and bring back creativity in music with positive stories to tell."

Born in inner city, south central Los Angeles, they are cousins that have first hand experience with the dangers and trials of urban life. Searcy writes and performs his own lyrics. He was raised on the streets of LA and finds himself often telling his real life experiences in his thought provoking lyrics. Winston composes and performs his own music. He started his musical career at the age of eight playing in his father's church and went on to play in his high school band, leading to him forming his own band and performing at Jazz gigs around Los Angeles. He has worked with the late Barry White, Donna Sunners, Coolio, CeCe Winans, El Debarge, Jody Watley, Angela Bofield, Otis Day & The Nights and many other established musical artists.

Sinister Quinn(Winston and Seacy) have crafted an album that blends a sense of mature intrspection with smooth precision beats. One of the spins, "Complicated," sends an emotional exposing eye opening revelations to all. Another spin, "DeadBeat," may shake things up for some dads, as it elaborates on the deadbeat dad, who pleas to God to help him be a better man, father and role model. The universal truth of cause and effect and the realization that everyone has to take responsibility for their actions is explored in the spin, "Consequences." Other spins on the album are; "Do You Know Who I Be," "Smile Now, Cry Later," "Keep Actin'Like You Don't Know Me," "Show Down," "Boo," "Jimmy Bond," "Dance Flo'Dippin," and "Got to Get A Way."

In essence Sinister Quin's music has arrived to express the truth of everyday life to reveal what it means to be compelling and human in hip hp in an inspirational way as no-one in hip hop has done before. "Do You Know Who I Be," is insightful, inspirational and shows remarkable breadth providing a wealth of encouraging substance, combined with enhancing conducting beats.

Sinister Quin is fast becoming a strong present in the radio and urban market place. They have been played by Japanese DJ, Daigo Ishiyama a.k.a G-HOUSE 03 in Japan, and by Julio G on KDAY who stated, "Sinister Quin are the hottest new underground talent around and should get more exposure." Brooklyn College is suporting them by playing Sinister Quin on their radio. They have also been played on Robert Graves Gospel station 99.3, 3FM KCLA 7 99.9FM KLAS in Los Angeles and on the website.

The album, "Do You Know Who I Be," is available at the Wherehouse record stores, Fye, Second Span and Tower Records as well as www.morganhausmusic.com.

MorganHaus Records is a Los Angeles based global record company. It was founded in 2003,was created to give the artists freedon to express their true talents, while still maintaining high quality standards. We support artists and songwriters who are consistently expanding the creative limits of their craft, and new and innovative challenges to both the local and international music scence. As an independent music company, MH will bring a positive vibe to a constantly changing music environment.

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