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Orlando-The National Movement Association Inc., an organization that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of apathy now plaguing the hip-hop generation by using the traditional values established by the Civil Rights Movement is using modern technology by launching their campaign MOVEMENT OF THE PEOPLE. A new radio talk show that will air on Jericho Broadcasting internet radio, the show will be on every Tuesday and Thursday 5:30 PM 7:30 PM starting May 24 & May 26 with the founder and host Ms. Bridget. TNMA will be touching on subjects for todays society and hip hop generation; you will be able to interact with our host during the show through our live chat sessions. The show will have special celebrity guests and more, speaking on topics related to the urban community. Log on to www.jerichobroadcasting.com and get ready to change your mind.

The Movement Central Florida was founded in 2004 by Bridget M. Norvell and the late Dawn M. Blackstock-Flemming. Their first goal was to educate and mobilize the local community and restore voter confidence throughout the state during the 2004 Presidential election. It was during this mobilization effort that TNMA saw the greater need for the hip-hop Community. To that extent, expandied the organization by adding a national chapter to the organization serving under the name of The National Movement Association Inc., (TNMA).

Jericho Broadcasting is an organization dedicated to changing the face of the black media in the 21st century by focusing their marketing efforts and programming directly at African-Americans, HBCUs, their alumni, and diverse areas. With the motto Breaking down the walls of Communication Jericho broadcasting will usher in a new era in black advertising. Our philosophy I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER Will seek to foster a greater feeling of responsibility to community, country, souls and self by making the readers, listeners, and viewers more aware of the world around them.

Sponsorship opportunities are available. Call Darrell Groomes for more info at 850-321-7938 or 775-522-8537 to leave a message.

Contact: Darrell Groomes
The National Movement Association, Inc.
Email: darrell@tnma.org
Phone: 775-522-8537
Fax: 775-854-9935
Web: www.tnma.org

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