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New To The Dirty South - Known Throughout TN as "RO"

This young 18 year old hip-hop Artist, "RO" hails from Memphis, TN and he's fast on the track of his mentors, Eightball and MJG. He not only flows like those cats, he is also from their neighborhood, Orange Mound. Countless rappers from the Dirty South emulate each other, but RO is in a class by himself. RO recently performed in Memphis at "The Room" this past April 2, 2005. He opened for St. Louis own SANTINI and was immediately recognized by Vonda Thomas, CEO of VPT Productions and Entertainment. Needless to say, his manager, Melvin Proctor introduced him to Ms. Thomas and this was the beginning of a new recording. Ro traveled to Little Rock, AR and recorded in the studio with Master Producer, Big Keys - well known for his work with Keith Sweat, Gerald Lavert and Johnny Gill and together they released RO's new single entitled, "DAMN!"

(PRWEB) May 7, 2005 -- RO has now embarked on the underground circuit peddling his c.d.'s in Memphis, Birmingham, Little Rock, Atlanta and Houston. Melvin Proctor, RO's manager has an eye for business - never could he imagine, he had an eye for Hip-Hop. We are glad he did.

Everybody wants to get in the rap game, but only a few are chosen - RO is definitely in the category, "CHOSEN." The kid has a gift like no other before him. He has been a fan of this genre of music since age 9, and being from Orange Mound, certainly has its' priviliges - considering Eightball and MJG hail from there, too.

The Dirty South movement has proved itself. The Grammy's gave mad props through winners, Usher, OutKast, Ludicris, Lil Jon and so many more. Memphis, TN is only a 5 hour drive away and hip-hop has made its' mark on "M-Town;" this new Artist, RO won't be denied - make room and move over because RO is here to stay!!!

Coming to areas throughout the midwest and south, this summer 2005, with his release - DAMN! Ro is available to open for any hip-hop act in the industry and he will be performing this summer at music conferences throughout the country, including the Atlantis Music Festival in
Atlanta, GA.

For Booking Information: 205.393.1578

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