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YTCracker Releases Highly Anticipated NerdRap Entertainment System for Free Download

The heavily disputed king of nerd rap MC YTCracker has released his NerdRap Entertainment System album for free internet consumption, using beats from 8-bit games and singing the plight of nerds and geeks everywhere.

(PRWEB) May 27, 2005 -- Lol Doors. STC once again proves they are the greatest with this seven-track album straight out of the internets. NerdRap Entertainment System (http://www.ytcracker.com/nes )from the heavily disputed king of nerd rap YTCracker shows how a geeksta gets down in these times of nerd hardship. With an eclectic roster of songs, from Meganerd, the introspective look into a then-and-now comparison of nerd life, to Warez Loder, a glimpse into the life of dax 31337 warez trading, NerdRap Entertainment System is a glimpse into the superior nerd culture. There truly is something for everyone to enjoy on this album.

Acapellas, lyrics, and some remixes are already available on the website. Download is absolutely FREE and the only catch is that you pass it out to proliferate the nerd life, word life.


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