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DAC Squad Release "BORN 2 SPIT", Their 1ST Album on CD BABY.COM

Bridge Entertainment is bring Detroit's Motown favor to HIP HOP and Rap. The first group out is DAC Squad, a young group of talented rappers with a powerful sound. They have the "IT", these young rappers are blazing tail for other Detroiters to follow. They are just asking for YOU to listen.

(PRWEB) June 23, 2005 -- I asked them what does DAC Squad mean? They all give me different answers. I wll not repeat them at this time. These young men have been together for over eight years, and many of them are blood consins. Yes they do have much to bring to the Hip Hop World.

They did tell me that this group has sixteen members, here are four of them that wanted to sign with Bridge Entertainment and open the doors for the rest of the DAC Squad's Family: Lord Zeus, LyRic, Relly Rell, Tee Nutty.

Lord Zeus BKA Micheal Grimes, has a strong voice and brings the power needed to move the whole crowd.

LyRic BKA David Freeman, with knowledge of self, he brings truth to his lyrics with his eyes wide open.

Relly Rell BKA Durell Holloway, a laid back smooth style, he's like a young LL Kool J in the 80's.

Tee Nutty BKA Tyrone Harris, Pain and Hardship motives this young men, by writting he releases the pain inside.

Born 2 Spit is a mixture of all their talent with some help from other artists, bring a album to the hip hop that's "Real". This CD has 12 song this just "Hot" and will keep you moving you head.

"Young BallerZ" is a powerful song that just rip it. "The Warning" is just that a warning to the Hip Hop world that they are next.

And "Bump that Shit" is a true club banger. and the Radio cut of "Bump that Shaaaa" is even better then the uncut, when have you known that a cut vers, was hotter then the uncut? In those boys from Japan are rippin it too on "U Better Back Up" and "Karate Flow".

I asked about the album cover, and they just said the birth of a family starts with one baby at a time. And the DAC Squad is one body and soul with a mic.

Many of the ladies just fell in love with the guys from their pictures on the sites. And when they are on stage the house goes crazy for him. If you don't know just visited blackplanet.com and look them up in the chat room or on their page. To top it off, they write back to their fans too.

They have showcase at the world famous Apollo Theater, Detroit Cobo Center and in Japan these young men are going places, but now it's time for them to stop making Mix Tapes and create their own music.

They have much love for the Hip Hop world and Respect for the World. Show your support by calling your radio stations and dance clubs DJ and request them to play DAC Squad. Wear their T-Shirts, attend their showcases,and even book them for showcases and appearances. These are few ways You can help. Thank You Again:)

This Detroit base group has increased their knowledge and leadership skills for the better with some help from a former US Marine and Navy member Tyrone Bridgeforth. Tyrone is the owner and founder of Bridge Entertainment.

These young men have seen many things, just note that success has not been one. so we wish them all the best and success.
But you can request to hear any of their song on the radio in Detroit at 105.9 JamZ Request Line: (313)298-1059, and WJLB 98 FM Request Line: 313-298-7098 and if your radio station doesn`t have a copy they can send a request to Mr. Bridgeforth at: e-mail protected from spam bots.

Please read on:

Special Thanks to Artists: DAC Squad's Family- (Fox Mall, ShaDaKiss), Bridge Promtions' Family- [Mile High, Roc-A-Block's Family-(DarkEyeZ, Max Million and Japan's HitZ Men)].
Recording Studios: D J's Music Exchange,Det MI; and Bridge Entertainment's Studio Dept.
And Dirty Management
Radio: 105.9JAMZ, Lt Dre & Hype Squad,
98 FM's Teddy Bear
Sexy Ladies of Blackplanet.com ( Michigan, New York and the South)
And All Who Listen to our Mix Tapes

A Note from Tyrone Bridgeforth (Cpl USMC 93-97 and DT3 USN 98-04)
To all my Military Brothers and Sisters, please know that we wish you the best and all that you do for us and the world. Stay safe and move smartly though life.

Thanks to Tokyo, Iwakuni, Sasebo, and Fukuoka Japan, New York, Washington DC, Bridgeport and LA CA, Puerto Rico, Bethesda and College Park MD, Texas, Arkansas and home Detroit Michigan aka Dirty Glove, and to all who showed DAC Squad and myself love when we came to your city, thank you for your support. To all my AFF I'll be back to play, Ca-Ya soon.

LyRic will be signing with Eminem soon, look for him. Wish him Good Luck. Please feel free to visit their site: www.dacsquad.com or at blackplanet.com

My question to is, did Bridge Entertainment and Tyrone Bridgeforth just hit the MEGA MILLIONS with this Young Family calling themself DAC Squad?

Tyrone Bridgeforth
Bridge Entertainment LLC

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