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Greenhouse Effect is preparing to release their latest album, Columbus
Or Bust, June 28th, 2005 on the Weightless Recordings imprint in
conjunction with Raptivism Records. Most people in the independent,
music loop are familiar with the group all the way back from 1997.
Originally three members deep, Greenhouse Effect reinvented themselves
and became a rap duo a few years ago and now Manifest and Blueprint
are redefining the sound of Midwest hip hop.

From the time that the group released their debut album they were
determined to make a difference and create music in their own way. As
a formidable MC and producer, Blueprint is always working and
challenging himself creatively. Achieving critical acclaim for his
collaboration with RJD2 as a part of Soul Position, they released
8,000,000 Stories and The Unlimited LP. Fans are also familiar with
Blueprint handling his business behind the boards as producer for
Illogic on three albums.

The Midwest has always contributed to groundbreaking hip hop from
Common's first album to Kanye West's chart topping hits to Atmosphere's
quirky, live, performances. People have come to expect something
different from the heartland. Columbus or Bust will not disappoint.
Staying in the same vein as some of the classic hip hop albums: Paid In
Full and Criminal Minded there are only two additional MCs featured on
the album, Murs and Jakki the Motamouth, Blueprint also produced all
the tracks. With titles like, "Still Shook", "E Thugs" and the title
track, "Columbus Or Bust" this album is sure to make an impact.

This album release date is June 28th, 2005 on the Weightless Records
imprint in conjunction with Raptivism Records. Raptivism Records has
consistently made noise with albums from artist, Mr. Complex, Last
Emperor and Zion-I. Greenhouse Effect is currently on the road with
the national Weightless Invasion Tour, check for them performing in a
city near you. For more information on Greenhouse Effect and their new
album please contact Zenobia Simmons at zenobiakay@aol.com and visit
www.weightless.net or www.raptivism.com.

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