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H3 + D Apparel = H3D Apparel Acquisition Gives H3 Direct Access to the Greatest NBA Stars of Today

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 16, 2005--In a move designed to add to the Company's vertical integration, as well as community participation, H3Enterprises announced today the signing of a Purchase Agreement with D Apparel, Inc., makers of the ultimate apparel for NBA lovers and Hip Hop lovers alike, including its signature "D Bands" featured on BET. H3Enterprises ("HTRE") is the first publicly traded company dedicated exclusively to the Hip Hop Community. H3 is the owner, creator, franchisor, and licensor of HipHopSodaShops, H3Raps, H3WhiteTeaBeverages, H3Merchandise, Halls of HipHop, H3CyberSports, H3's WorldSeries Of CyberSports, H3O (hthreeonline.com) and after formal closing, H3D Apparel.

H3D Apparel will immediately begin producing all of the apparel sold out of H3's award winning HipHopSodaShops and will continue to negotiate Purchase Orders with the world's best known retailers. The acquisition also gives H3 the opportunity to talk directly with the brightest stars of the NBA about opening HipHopSodaShops in their own communities. All stars will be given the chance to participate in the SodaShops' Area Development Program as well as other H3 activities. H3 recently announced the signing of a 30 store Area Development Agreement for the booming Las Vegas market with UNLV legend and former NBA Champion, Jackie Robinson, who was also recently the owner/operator of 62 Pizza Hut franchises.

Vincent Norment, President of D Apparel, Inc. said "It's a blessing to become a part of the H3 team and all that it stands for. I will be speaking directly with my best friends and contacts in the sports and entertainment worlds to quickly further the development of the HipHopSodaShops, the biggest thing to happen to Hip Hop since Biggie. H3D has already become an active participant in several B-Ball charity events and tournaments featuring the best ballers and rappers in the world. We're now perfectly positioned to fully capitalize on what I call the 'Hip Hoop' phenomenon: all ballers want to rap, and rappers love to ball. The operations of our Company have been designed to give 'Hip' and 'Hoop' the opportunity to work together for the good of all our communities."

"It's great to add D Apparel and a man with Vincent's credentials, convictions and connections to our operations", said Company President Brian "H3" Peters. "Our Companies seem to fit as perfectly as our names. Owning every aspect of our franchising and retailing operations from top to bottom will add considerably to our margins both inside and outside the HipHopSodaShops, particularly on H3O (hthreeonline.com). The SodaShops are something the entire Hip Hop community can't wait to embrace.

"Along with H3 Chairman George Lois, I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank Charles Barkley, for being the only major public figure to proudly and repeatedly support Jayson Williams on National TV." continued Peters. "A real friend is a friend to the end. Keep your head up Jay; your eternal friends and teammates have just begun the fight to win back your good name and humanity. Let the truth be told."

For H3Enterprises, Inc.
Tom Lisker, 914-376-6767

Source: H3Enterprises, Inc.

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