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Hardcore Hit Maker D/R PERIOD and Heat Seeker K-CINO of SSC Records Announce Tha Awakening Tour

Manhattan, New York One has sold 20 million and still counting; now gaining more and more notoriety as an artist with Quarentine. The other blazed the underground scene with Project HustleThe Early Years, sold over 20,000 units independently, and has a highly anticipated major release set for this summer. They collaborated in the studio to create lyrical fire on The Bottom Line project, and now Multi Platinum Hit Creator D/R Period and Heat Seeker K-CINO will cross the nation on the end of the summer Awakening Tour. The streets are back; its time for us to take it over AGAIN-D/R Period

Tha Awakening Tour will feature performances by K-CINO, D/R Period, Pitch Black, Smoothe Da Hustler, A-Alikes, Miss B-rhaka, R&B Sensation Hersh, Touring DJs Jay-Tha-Kid [Desert Storm] and DJ Dramatic [Rockboy Street Records/99.3's Tha Buzz] , and surprise celebrity guests.

The tour is planning to make stops in the following cities:

Rochester NY

Boston MA

New York City NY

Philadelphia PA

Baltimore MD

Washington DC

Richmond VA

Norfolk VA

Charlotte NC

Greenville SC

Atlanta GA

Jacksonville FL

New Orleans LA

Cincinnati OH

Columbus OH

Dallas TX

Houston TX

Los Angeles CA

Chicago IL

Detroit MI

Booking dates are still available for Tha Awakening Club Tour

Tha Awakening Tour will be filmed for DVD with a Soundtrack, which is anticipated to be released in the winter of this year. D/R Period "Quarentine," the movie/soundtrack, and K-CINO's "The Bottom Line" in stores this fall.

Atlanta, GA
678.223.8322 (ph)
425-660-7338 (f)

For Media and Tour Booking Information Contact:
Jouran Crosby

SSC Records (www.kcino.biz) Full service record label, flooded with talent, positioned for rapid growth in a flourishing urban market segment; a subsidiary of SSC Entertainment, label home of K-CINO, among others. Priding itself on quality products, exclusive services, and superior returns, SSC has formed strong strategic alliances with many major organizations across a global marketplace.

D/R Period (www.drperiodmusic.com) Super Producer and Label Owner of Rockboy Street Records; D/Rs production work with selected artist consist of Jay-Z, M.O.P., Smooth Da Hustler, DMX, Onyx, Camron, Freeway, Queen Latifah, AZ, Nas, Case, Asford & Simpson, Goodfellas, Foxy Brown, Public Enemy, The Diplomats, Juelz Santana, Keith Murray, Killer Mike, Lumidee, Queen pen, Kool G Rap, 8 Ball & MJG, Javine, ASD.

Playtionics (www.playtionics.com) Full Scale Advertising, Public Relations, Creative, and Sales firm based in Atlanta, GA. Playtionics has worked with numerous organizations and artists since its inception and is vastly growing into a dominant firm.

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