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Hip Hop has it's own Air Fresheners

Hip Hop has it's own Air freshener in a time when everything is being pimped out why not start a line of hip-hop air fresheners

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 17, 2005 -- Atlanta-based Urban Air Fresheners, Inc., a subdivision of Stargate Worldwide Entertainment, joins the automobile accessories industry with an ingenious product. The companys premier product is a car air-freshener in the shape of a pimp cup, Hip-Hops accessory du jour, which will be available in five scents. Though currently working with a few distributors, chief officers Tarik Edmonson and Edmond Nasyr Brown are currently in negotiations with several companies to obtain additional distribution. Their efforts have already been met with tremendous enthusiasm in the United States southeast region, a market that they hope to corner. Once the item becomes available in stores, Urban Air Fresheners also plans a global marketing campaign to consist of advertising in Hip-Hop and car enthusiast magazines, along with a heavy push for product placement in music videos and other media aimed at urban culture. The company has confirmed interest from several major figures in sports and entertainment, including celebrity DJ Funkmaster Flex and DJ Greg Street of Atlanta.

The pimp cup air-freshener was inspired by Hip-Hops renewed fascination with pimp culture. With celebrities such as 50 Cent, Chingy, Lil Jon and Snoop Dog displaying their personalized pimp cups in music videos, photo shoots, and red carpet appearances, the bejeweled, golden chalices have become a popular item for urban music fans as well. Though keeping to the same scents as similar items, the creative product draws further ties to its target audience with an equally creative names for each flavor: Gangsta Lean (cherry), Ghetto Fabulous (new car smell), Hot Boys (vanilla) , Pimps Up (spice), and Passion (green apple). We wanted to keep it current, says CEO Edmonson. The names reflect whats in now. Looking at the car accessory market and what is out there, I see there is a big gap for new products pertaining to Hip-Hop.

With urban cultures integration into Americas mainstream consciousness at its peak, Urban Air Fresheners timing could not be better. According to BusinessWeek.com, there is hardly a major consumer company around that isnt trying to cash in on Hip-Hops singular popularity, if not its edgy authenticity. Marketing experts estimate that one-quarter of all discretionary spending in America today is influenced by Hip-Hop. When it comes to the automobile industry, the interest in Hip-Hop culture is evidenced by the emergence of car makeover shows like MTVs Pimp My Ride and The Learning Channels Rides.

About Stargate Worldwide Entertainment:
Founded in 1999, Stargate started as a website, promoting hip-hop culture. It soon moved into higher ranks, when it procured a distribution arrangement for Wu-Tang affiliate, Popa Wu. They have since directed their work towards brokering such deals for local talent in the Southeast area of the United States, Europe and the Caribbean islands. With Urban Air Fresheners, Inc., Stargates six-month-old offshoot, the company is counting on the momentum of this first accessory to launch what will become a full line of automobile detailing products with a distinct Hip-Hop flair. For more information about the company and product, please visit www.urbanairfresheners.com.

Tarik Edmonson

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