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Hip Hop & Rap Forum Obtains New Moderator

Audiocourses.com the online audio school, specializing in distance education courses revolving around music production, welcomes a new forum moderator for the popular Rap & Hip Hop section.

(PRWEB) June 4, 2005 -- The Hip-Hop Rap Music Production forum (http://www.audiocourses.com/forum-105.html), (or forum 105) attracts a variety of expertise and oozes with all the latest hip-hop and rap music production techniques.

Recent discussions in "da house" include topical conversations ranging from which pre-amp is the warmest to how to arrange the lead vocals and over dubs for the "killer" chorus hook. Chats have gone on to focus on the widely used technique of hip-hop vocal double-tracking.

The forum is to be moderated by "iNSTiNCT2765" who stems from Denmark and brings with him a vast amount of experience through working in this field himself. iNSTiNCT2765 loves getting passionately involved producing excellent tunes that stand their ground on any hip hop patch!

The forums at Audiocourses.com are in fact massive with a wide ranging scope of music production genres, and in fact, many music production techniques over-lap a geat deal with each other, which is where the audio school really reaches out and expands on the students' knowledge, effectively empowering them for life-long learning.

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