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HolyHipHop.com Implements Emergency Hardship Loan Fund for Ministers of the Gospel

To Provide Hardship Loans from: $50 to $250

Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) June 1, 2005 -- HolyHipHop.com announced today that it is implementing an 'Emergency Hardship Loan Fund' for Ministers of the Gospel.

The program is designed to assist those Emcees, Producers or Deejays, advancing the Gospel through unadulterated Street Ministry, who may suddenly experience short-term financial difficulties due to: (1) Illness or (2) Incapacitation. The Funds can be used for: (1) Groceries; or (2) Utilities. There are now 2,247 Holy Hip Hop Emcees, Producers or Deejays in the HolyHipHop.com database, with many active in Street Ministry, since 1997 or earlier.

"When so-called music moguls can spend millions of dollars for mere house furnishings; and not have the simple foresight or vision to take the same millions of dollars and establish an account for the benefit of industry pioneers (and the community from where they come from), who and which laid the foundation for billions to be generated; there should be no surprise to anyone to see the resulting incessant greed, crab-culture and all about destructive self-serving Darwinian music mentality so prevalent today. An understanding of history gives greater odds that the same mistakes will not be repeated again.

The HolyHipHop.com Emergency Loan Fund will be at: Zero Percent (0%) interest for between $50 to $250; and this fund will seek to foreshadow a hope and prayer for the day when a pension account can be established for Emcees, Producers or Deejays who have sacrificed over the past 20 years and set the stage for the Gospel to be taken to the streets and positively impact and uplift the community for generations to come," said Abe Manear, CEO-Full Effects Digital Media, WebMaster-HolyHipHop.com.

If you are a Holy Hip Hop Emcee, Producer or DeeJay experiencing illness or incapacitation and would like to receive an Emergency Hardship Loan application for consideration, please email: emergencyloanrequest(@)holyhiphop.com. Each application will be reviewed independently and all information submitted will remain confidential. There is no obligation; and all applications will be responded to with either: (a) request for additional information; (b) acceptance or (c) denial.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted. Applications will include but not be limited to Christian Ministerial Doctrinal Statement; Confirmation of Illness or Incapacitation with Physician certification; Length of Ministry; Anticipated Fund reimbursement sources and schedule; Utility and Food Statement request and any other supporting documentation upon request.

For more information on the Global Movement to take the Gospel to the Streets, log on to: http://www.HolyHipHop.com.

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