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Late Rap Artist Big Pun's Medallion on eBay

By now we have all heard that rapper Big Pun's T.S. tombstone Medallion has been put up for auction on eBay on behalf of the Big Pun's family, the Rios family.

ThugLifeArmy.com Sadly Announces -- (ArriveNet - Jun 29, 2005) --By now we have all heard that rapper Big Pun's T.S. tombstone Medallion has been put up for auction on eBay on behalf of the Big Pun's family, the Rios family. Not only do I report this so people will know about it but, of course to ask where the hip-hop community is today. Too much money to be made elsewhere to stop and give a #### about a legend like Big Pun and his family?

I know, I know, actually we all know how it goes! Hurry up and find your reason for not supporting the mans family but, dedicate your next video to him and shout him out every chance you get. Or tell the world he is your idol and the only reason you are rapping today. Hey, here's an idea wear a t-shirt with his face on it in your next video.

Now the list is to long to get into but all you rap artists out there know who you are and know what you should be doing right now. If I had the funds and the knowledge on how to collect the money I would. To me the ultimate ending would be to see the fans win the auction and give the medallion back to his wife.

At the time I am writing this there is 25 bids the highest so far being $12,100.00, The following is from the auction on eBay:

PRE-APPROVAL NEEDED BEFORE BIDDING, unapproved bids will be removed, email info@bigpunshop.com for approval. This item is being auctioned on behalf of the Rios family. You are bidding on the original iced out Terror Squad medallion worn by Big Pun, the first Latin solo rapper to go Platinum. This is not a duplicate, this is the authentic piece that Big Pun paid over $100,000 to have created.

The Medallion is Yellow Gold dipped in White Gold, roughly 598 grams. There are approximately 1728 baguette diamonds, and approximately 173 round diamonds in the medallion. The winning bidder of this auction will travel to New York (flight expenses will be deducted from the total) where they will receive the T.S. medallion personally from Liza Rios.

The sale of this medallion goes to Big Pun's wife and three children. Since Pun's untimely passing in 2000, Pun's wife has struggled to raise their three children as well as make mortgage payments on their home and other expenses. Contrary to what some believe, the family are far from millionaires, Pun's wife and children do not receive royalty checks for Pun's first two albums, and only one small royalty check was paid for Pun's final album. The family's attempts to get the money due to his children have been unsuccessful to date. By bidding on this piece of Hip Hop history, you are helping the family of a Rap legend, part of the funds will also go towards legal efforts to retrieve any unpaid album sale money the children could receive.

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