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New Hip Hop Release: Drunk Musik

Chicago-based rapper, Griffen, releases his 10th album, DrunkMusik: Tha Gigoloco LP on June 21st, 2005. Yessur.com is hosting a release party for the album in Los Angeles on June 24th...free.

(PRWEB) June 1, 2005 -- After single-handedly moving over 5,000 units of his over-the-counter debut album, Insomnia [UN30177] on the streets of Chicago, Atlanta and Los Angeles, Griffen prepares to drop his followup project, DrunkMusik. Bubbling with more maturity (style-wise) than its predecessor, the aptly subtitled "Gigoloco LP" is all about enjoyment and living each moment to its fullest: sex, drugs and parties...you know, the fun things in life. This is music under the influence...the Jack Daniels soundtrack as seen through the eyes and heard through the ears of hip-hop.

Griffen hails from Chicago's South Side and started rapping at age 9. He rocked his first major show at 16. Coming up through the underground ranks in the 1990s, Griffen's place among Chicago's elite wirdsmiths was earned long ago, however you'd probably only hear about that in those elite circles as Chicago's finest remains Chicago's best kept secret to date. In 1999, he introduced Chicago and Atlanta to the mixtape (Jacken Fa Beats Vol. 1) prior to 50 Cent laying the blueprint now followed by the enitre music industry. Before one artist in Chicago put out a mixtape...Griffen had dropped two...for FREE. After the 3rd installment he all but vanished frm the scene, resurfacing in 2003 in California with another album, a label (Unlabeled), a website, http://www.yessur.com , and a new found microphone maturity. The thematic nature of the DrunkMusik album is only further testimony.

On DrunkMusik, the man is lyrically in a zone over production primarily banged out by the artist himself and the West coast's newest heatmakers, Beat Science Productions, http://www.beatscience.net. Fueled by 12 tracks that hit like two 6-packs of malt liquor, DrunkMusik arrives when the days are long and the parties longer. The first release, 'Agent Orange', the new left coast marijuana-smoker's anthem, became available for download in May 2005 on Yessur.com. The album will be available in CD format June 21st, 2005. The FREE release party (18 & Over) will be in Los Angeles on Friday June 24th, 2005 @ Rehab Record Store 2324 Cotner Ave. For more info, contact: e-mail protected from spam bots or just log on to http://www.yessur.com/unevents.html

Hear music... http://www.yessur.com/griffen-musik.html

Shawna Yapp

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