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The Originators Clothing Brand Honors the Pioneers of Hip-Hop

NEW YORK and LOS ANGELES, June 20 /PRNewswire/ -- The Originators is the original clothing line committed to the education of the early years of Hip-Hop, honoring the DJs, MCs, Graffiti Writers, and B-Boys that helped pave its way.

"After 30 years of Hip-Hop it was time to look back and give credit and respect to those that helped build it," says founder Adam Bach. "These guys, and still many others, built its very foundation. Hip-Hop is a strong Culture today, and it's time we learn who was instrumental in its conception and growth."

The Originators was started in 2004, by then filmmaker Adam Bach.

"I had a strong desire to tell these guys stories in films. One day, I got the idea. Instead of taking a lot of money that I didn't have and 2 years of my life to tell one guys story, I could tell all of the early Pioneers stories in t-shirts and in clothing. With every shirt I would include a hang-tag w/ a biography of the person on the shirt so that the consumer could learn more about that individual. I saw it as an opportunity to educate on the early years of Hip-Hop, and on those responsible for its growth ... That's when I got the idea for The Originators."

Obviously Mr. Bach is passionate about what he does as he tells me more.

"Every Artist involved in this thing, is under a per-unit licensing deal, so the Artist makes money on every shirt sold bearing their name and likeness. This was very important to us when setting up the company. I wanted the Originator to make money as the company made money. They do well as we do well, and that's the way it should be."

When asked about the company's strategy and growth in the marketplace Mr. Bach answered, "I know this sounds funny but we want to grow organically, almost grassroots, like the Hip-Hop Movement itself. There will be other lines that try to do we have done. They will saturate the marketplace in an attempt to make money ... but the key in this thing is to do things with integrity and to do things correct, historically. We have a large responsibility here and we know it."

The line is currently honoring: Kurtis Blow, Melle Mel, the Cold Crush Brothers, "Love Bug" Starski, GrandWizzard Theodore, Grand Master Caz, Prince Whipper Whip, DJ Disco Wiz, Wanda Dee, and Writers, Tracy 168, and Taki 183.

"We will continue to honor more and more Originators of Hip-Hip because there are so many that deserve it!"

The Originators is sold worldwide, and its' reach is growing. "Wherever there is Hip-Hop there exists the opportunity to educate someone on the early years, and on those responsible for it."

Some of the stores in the United States include: Atrium, Yellow Rat Bastard, Workmen's Outlet, and drjays.com.

To learn more about The Originators, go to: www.theoriginators.com

Source: The Originators

CONTACT: Adam Bach, founder of The Originators, +1-323-651-9832

Web site: http://www.theoriginators.com/

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