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The Pharcyde Continue the Bizarre Ride

Hip Hop Legends Keep Blazin' With New Album, Fresh Video, And Collaboration With The Gorillaz

(Brooklyn, NY June 27, 2005) Lest you thought they had disappeared in a haze of smoke, The Pharcyde have been hard at work and will be unveiling several new projects this summer. First, they will drop their 4th studio album, Humboldt Beginnings, in July on Chapter1 Records (Their own imprint). Accompanying the album will be the lush video for the lead single, "Knew U". Thirdly, Booty Brown recently lent his vocal skills to the upcoming Gorillaz single "Dirty Harry".

It's been over a decade since the young California quartet called the Pharcyde released the classic Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde album. The group has been through a lot since then: 4 studio albums, a line-up change, and the formation of their own label. Summer 2005 finds founding members Booty Brown and Imani in fine form, now music industry veterans who are firmly in control of their own destiny. Humboldt Beginnings gives their fans a trip down memory lane with the same laissez-faire vibe and fertile lyrics from the Pharcyde's past classics while paying homage to their favorite plant (and even providing a recipe for "special" brownies on the inside sleeve of the CD). With a mischievous smile Brown explains, "Some hip-hop is so serious these days. We made this album for people to vibe to."

"Knew U" is the lead single; an atmospheric joint about how the people you think you know best may have another side to them you never thought possible. In true Pharcyde street-hustle style, the video for the single was made using hijacked equipment from the film set of xXx: State of the Union. While the film production broke for the weekend, the Pharcyde moved in and "borrowed" some gear to do a marathon 48-hour video shoot. The result is a clever and compelling video that features Brown and Imani in dapper white suits, beautiful women, and an ending plot twist that will definitely surprise you!

Booty Brown has also been involved in several side projects, most notably with a guest appearance on the latest album from everyone's favorite cartoon band, Gorillaz. Before DJ Danger Mouse was selected as the producer for Demon Days, Brown had made some demos with the infamous producer of The Grey Album. When Danger Mouse sent Damon Albarn (head Gorilla and ex-Blur) some demo tracks, Albarn was immediately taken with Brown's vocals and requested that he be included on the project. Brown then flew to England to drop some rhymes on the upcoming single "Dirty Harry".

With so many new projects, the Pharcyde continue to prove themselves as relevant trail-blazing artists, not just classic hip-hop ambassadors. And don't be so quick to think that this bizarre ride has made them lose touch with their silly side because they have a few things to say to any doubters: Ya mama, ya mama, ya mama.

Website: www.thepharcyde.com

Contact: Michelle McDevitt
(718) 768-7275

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