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New York, New York
June 16, 2005

Terence McPhaul, Mental Health Therapist, Personal Advisor to the Stars, and author of The Celebrity Psyche is overwhelmed at the success of his latest provocative release, The Psychology of Hip Hop. Media watchers suggest the book is successful probably because he [McPhaul] explains why Hip Hop has such a bad rap, and how Hip Hop has become synonymous with mayhem and murder. Even McPhauls critics announce that The Psychology of Hip Hop is conspicuously difficult to dismiss.
The Psychology of Hip Hop is an enlightened examination of the world of Hip Hop, and how this music genre has shaped the American landscape. Going where no one else dares, The Psychology of Hip Hop effectively explains behaviors of some of the best known Hip Hop stars, like 50Cent, Eminem, Jay-Z, T.I., Lil Kim and Snoop Dogg. Remarkably, Whitney Houstons behavior is accurately assessed. Think you know? Guess again!
The Psychology of Hip Hop outlines the complex maze of R. Kellys sexual indiscretions while answering volatile questions such as is Sean P.Diddy Combs really a Psychopath? Terence McPhaul fervently addresses the deaths of Christopher Notorious B.I.G. Wallace and Tupac Shakur and disputes claims of an East Coast versus West Coast rivalry being the cause, citing greed of record company executives could be the cause of their murders.
McPhaul has been the voice of reason in most of the major media stories involving celebrities, and was the first to publicly announce Michael Jacksons innocence at the outset of molestation charges that were brought against the pop star.
McPhaul is regularly sought by program directors of TV talk shows and other national media as an expert in the field of Mental Health to deliver perspective or respond to programming regarding social and behavioral issues. McPhaul has appeared as a Mental Health expert for Court TV, and Bill OReillys The OReilly Factor for FOX News.

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