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Snoop Doggs Brother Bing And DJ Quiks Cousin, Hit, Flaunt Their Lifestyle

(Los Angeles, CA)---The soundtrack to the West Coast lifestyle is soon to be set to music on an upcoming album from Snoop Doggs brother, Bing (AKA Bing Worthington) and his partner, H.I.T., (ne Michael Anthony Tyler), otherwise known as Hit. Hailing from Long Beach, California, they are announcing the formation of their rap duo Lifestyle. Lifestyle has tracks so tight, they require lubrication. With family being a relative matter, while Bing is Snoop Doggs younger brother, H.I.T. is DJ Quiks cousin, which he and Quik both discovered when they met at a funeral. H.I.T. confirms they are related through relatives from Compton. While Bing is sometimes known as his alter-ego, Pimpin Game Pretty Toni, H.I.Ts name stands for Highest Intellect Talent. Bing is sometimes also referred to as Bada Bing. This is the Bing that will bring the bling.

The duo is currently recording their first album, and at press time, they have five tracks completed. Arguably, these are some of the strongest tracks to arise from the West Coast in the last decade. Among them is the song Bottoms Up, which flaunts early Sixties and Seventies influences, samples the late R & B artist, Lee Dorsey, and features Snoop Dogg. Among the producers who will be contributing to the album are such luminaries as Daz Dillinger, Jelly Roll (Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre), Fuzzy Felix, and Meech Wells, son of Motown legend Mary Wells (Snoop Dogg). H.I.T. explains the albums title, Lubrication, by cutting straight to the chase. It means something loose, something fun, energetic and exciting, he confirms. Once you hear the words Lifestyle and Lubrication, you know what that album is going to be about. It is still a metaphor though. Its not about having sex every song. He adds, It also has an implied meaning about protecting yourself and being cautious. Although lubrication is slippery, you do have to have a proper hold on things in your life.

Although the albums retail date has not yet been confirmed, their highly-anticipated debut album Lubrication is slated for release on Lethal Entertainment, headed by Greedy Greg Jessie and Thomas Bruno, a club owner in Houston, who also books concerts in the Midwest. Greedy Greg has executive produced a slew of platinum and gold albums that include A.M.G.s Bitch Betta Have My Money, DJ Quiks Quik Is The Name and Way Too Fonky, Tone Locs Locd After Dark (featuring the mega hits Wild Thing and Funky Cold Medina), Dominos first two albums on Def Jam Records, and Big Lurch, who is featured in an interview in the July issue of "XXL Magazine."

Media Contact: Phyllis Pollack
Def Press Public Relations

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