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London -- (ArriveNet - Jun 29, 2005) --Hailing from Los Angeles California, Shazz Loc has been a contributor to the hip hop scene for some time now. After spending several years living in Toronto Canada, Shazz got the opportunity to rhyme with Torontos very own hip hop celebrity, Mystro Fresh West and toured the US and Europe, opening for the likes of hip hop legends Heavy D, KRS One, and MC Lyte.

Now back home in Los Angeles, Shazz Loc takes time out to give an exclusive interview to UK based online magazine Write On Point! Here he discusses his up coming projects, his thoughts on todays west coast hip hop scene, growing up in gang infested Southern California, and his intense dislike for certain New York rappers, who are using west coast gang styles as a selling gimmick, saying I respect and have always respected New York rappers for being themselves and following no one. Jim Jones and his Harlem Diplomats cant make up their minds on whether to flag pink, purple, blue or red. Flaggin colors is real! Folks got killed over colors.

Passionate about resurrecting the west to its former glory and leading the crusade against fake New York gangsters, Shazz can be found locked down in the studio, working on his forthcoming album /DVD which is set to be released later on in the year.

Write On Point! is an informative and dynamic online publication, dedicated to giving its visitors up to date news and information, from within the world of black entertainment on both sides of the Atlantic. It also aims to give maximum exposure to up-coming home grown UK talent, and information on showcases / events taking place throughout the year.

To read this exclusive interview with Shazz Loc visit:

Listen to latest tracks and view videos at: www.shazzloc.com

Shazz Loc Management Information: www.eternalsoul.net

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