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Tribe.net Releases List of 25 Most Interesting People in the San Francisco Bay Area You Never Heard Of

Online Destination Makes It Easy to Tell the World About Yourself

SAN FRANCISCO, June 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Where in one place on the Web would you find a Fremont artist who makes drawings with an Etch-A-Sketch, a leading Bay Area sax man, a San Francisco man who apparently really does know everything, an Oakland hip-hop producer and a ballerina-turned-general- contractor who's into haute couture?

Answer: on Tribe.net. All of these individuals have been named to the Tribe 25/San Francisco for 2005.

Tribe.net, a company whose backers include Knight Ridder, The Washington Post and Mayfield Venture Capital, announced today the Tribe 25/San Francisco, a list of the 25 most interesting people in the San Francisco Bay Area that chances are you've never heard of. Also released was a national version of the Tribe 25.

To celebrate the release of the Tribe 25/San Francisco, Tribe is holding an event on Thursday, June 30, at 7:30 p.m. at the club 1015 Folsom, located at 1015 Folsom in San Francisco. Performers will include people featured on the Tribe 25 list, including comedian Will Franken, the Suhaila Dance Company (belly dancing), band Scissors for Lefty and DJ Dhamaal Electronic Artist Collective. A portion of the proceeds from the event will benefit the Hopscotch Network, an organization that mobilizes socially conscious young adults to support established non-profits that are dedicated to improving the lives of children through educational and life-improving support.

Tribe is a free online destination that helps local people connect with each other based on shared interests. So it asked its users to identify people in the Bay Area who were most interesting based on their profession, a particular talent, knowledge or skill but who haven't received much local attention, at least as of yet. The result? A list of incredibly diverse individuals with a broad range of interesting and sometimes wacky talents.

It's easy to get to know the Tribe 25 using the Tribe site, since Tribe helps you tell the world about yourself. Each member of the Tribe 25 has a Tribe profile, which lets you share blogs, photos, recommendations, and even existing content you may have someplace else on the Web besides Tribe.

"Whether it's sharing your thoughts, pictures of your latest exploits, a tip on a new local dive or your favorite RSS feed," said Jan Gullett, CEO of Tribe, "you can use your Tribe profile to show the world just how special you are."

The list of the Tribe 25/San Francisco can be viewed online at http://www.tribe.net/25sf.

Tribe's 25 Most Interesting People in the San Francisco Bay Area You Never Heard Of:

Anton Schwartz Jazz Saxophonist
Arcadia Maximo General Contractor
Brad Wolfe Hot Local Band
Brian & Jolie Alternative Travel
Charles Ellik Poet, Slam Producer
Danielle Pelletier Greeting Card Designer
Dhamaal Collective Hot Local DJ
Double Dutchess Jump Rope Performers
Elisabeth Reed Cellist & Teacher
Goh Nakamura Singer Songwriter
Harry Robins Dr. Hal, SuperGenius
Heather Winkle Designer & Musician
Jackson West Editor
Pool Bacchus Hot Tub Impresario
Kid Beyond Beatboxer
Lucas Hicks Mountain Musician
Michael McNevin Etch-a-Sketch Artist
Monkey Pirate Radio Producer
Oliver Wang Hip Hop Journalist
Scissors for Lefty Hot Local Band
Scott Beale Arts Promoter
Suhaila Salimpour Belly Dancer & Instructor
TD Camp Rap Music Producer
Tshaka Campbell Poet
Will Franken Comedian

Tribe.net (www.tribe.net) is a free online community that helps local people connect with each other based on shared interests. Tribe.net has local versions available in 40 cities, with the most popular markets being San Francisco, New York and Los Angeles. By offering opportunities for advertising and lead generation through classifieds, Tribe offers marketers the ability to target specific demographics and consumers with interests related to particular products or services. This makes Tribe a highly effective grassroots marketing vehicle. Founded in 2003, Tribe uses patented technology to connect hundreds of thousands of people in cities across the U.S. The company's investors include Mayfield Venture Capital, Knight Ridder, Inc., and The Washington Post Company.

Source: Tribe.net

CONTACT: Steve Honig of The Honig Company, Inc., +1-310-246-1801,
press@honigcompany.com, for Tribe.net

Web site: http://www.tribe.net/

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