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Clear Channel Radio Station and Independent Reality TV Show Tape Unauthorized Concert.

WinYourOwnTVshow.com Presents: The Cipher Show, gets caught in the middle of a Copyright Infringement situation when asked to tape a Clear Channel Radio Station's event.

New York, NY -- (ArriveNet - Jul 01, 2005) A Music Director and an employee of 105.5 The Beat Jamz, A Southwest Florida Clear Channel Radio Station, allegedly authorized an unauthorized taping of a concert event featuring Platinum Rap Star Mike Jones, hip-hop and rap artists The YoungBloodz, Cuban Link, Tone Loc and many others.

According to inside sources, they invited and verbally authorized The Reality TV Show, "WinYourOwnTVshow.com Presents: The Cipher Show" to film the event. The Music Director for 105.5 The Beat Jamz was the person in charge of this concert event. After the concert was filmed and edited, 105.5 The Beat Jamz Management realized they did not have proper clearance from record labels, management or the artists, to tape the event. However, by the time this was realized it had already been broadcast on the internet. As a result, the entire taping of this event became a huge violation of copyright and trademark infringement.

Crowd participants were also filmed, without proper consent. The Cipher Show was caught in the middle of this situation when they were verbally assured all clearance had been taken care of in advance.

A 105.5 The Beat Jamz/Clear Channel Radio Manager and a Beat Jamz Employee are both on tape, hosting The Cipher Show during this event, and in some scenes, even holding the microphone, performing interviews and talking to the camera, while leading viewers through the Concert. Now Clear Channel is demanding possession of the tapes in question.

WinYourOwnTVshow.com Presents: The Cipher Show has recently indicated an edited segment of this concert was leaked online and viewed over 600 times, before they were aware it was not properly cleared. It is likely the video segment was downloaded.

An official statement posted on http://www.WinYourOwnTVshow.com, currently says, "We also maintain that we were given verbal permission to film, indicating the proper paperwork was signed in advance, and Co-hosting support by the authority in charge of the event, thus providing proof the infringement was not our fault. Unfortunately, for a short period of time a large amount of people were able to access and view a short edited version of this event on our website. If you have downloaded the aforementioned video footage in error, please delete it."

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