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Emerge Media Films has pleasure in inviting you to a screening of the feature documentary film "HIP-HOP COLONY" : The African Hip-hop Explosion.

Produced/Directed by Michael Wanguhu
Written by Russell Kenya

Date: Sat. Aug 6th 2005
Time: 5pm $10.00
Venue: ART SHARE 801 E. 4th Place LA, CA 90013
Kenyan Hip-hop was initially regarded as a passing fad. Hip-hop was eagerly dismissed by the media outlets and the general public during its shallow inception in the early ninety's. Hip-hop today has firmly gained its roots in Kenya, while fusing its traditional music and drawing major influence from America. This fusion has led to a new entity-the birth of Genge Music.

Filming the documentary in Kenya,Producer/Director Michael Wanguhu,enjoyed collaborative efforts from top-notch Kenyan producers, and reigning hip-hop acts past and present, seeking to expose a culture
they have whole-heartedly embraced. The film is also punctuated with footage of engaging live concert events. HIP HOP COLONY richly ties key elements of hip hop, flexibility and talent which continue to increase its dominance around the World one colony at a time.



Like the classic early-'80s American films Wild Style and Style Wars ,Hip Hop Colony is a historical document, capturing a fast-developing culture at a seminal moment in time. Erick K. Arnold East Bay express

Hip Hop Colony is an educational well-paced gem which should be included in high school and college campus curriculums across the globe in an effort to dispel stereotypes about our kinship, Kenya, and about African Diaspora. Vanessa Morman Houston Black Film Festival

Kenya is not just about Lions, giraffes and fast running men,it's also about Studios and Hip-Hop! Tedd Josiah - Music Producer

for more info
W. www.hiphopcolony.com
E. info@hiphopcolony.com

For more details: info@hiphopcolony.com

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