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Explicit Lyrics Media Group to Launch Multi-Ethnic Urban Music Magazine in December 2005

(PRWEB) July 13, 2005 -- EXPLICIT LYRICS (copyright 2005) is an online music magazine, currently under development, whose singular focus is established and emerging Latino, Caribbean and African American hip hop and urban music artists. With the continued explosion of latino urban genres such as reggaeton around the u.s., our laser focus is on the hip hop movement as it becomes increasingly multi-ethnic, and evolves in style and form to accomodate both current trends and a growing pool of prolific talent.

EXPLICIT LYRICS is a bootstrap magazine produced by Explicit Lyrics Media Group. The founders basically have no money, are paying all start-up costs out-of-pocket, and are building it with their bare hands. This magazine is being created out of an intense love for and belief in hip hop and reggaeton, and out of an overwhelming desire to share this passion with anyone on this planet willing to listen. The site will launch its inaugural online issue in December 2005.

EXPLICIT LYRICS target demographic is men and women across ethnic lines. The online magazine will generate income through advertising opportunities and by promoting artists and products that are relevant and beneficial to its readers in the Americas and beyond.

Readers will be able to simply click on http://www.explicitlyricsonline.com (copyright 2005) and register for FREE to learn the latest in rap, reggaeton, latin american and caribbean music news and fashion trends as well as the latest music technology news, cd/club/dj/concert reviews and passionate editorials. Readers will also be able to purchase music and more.

EXPLICIT LYRICS plans to publish simultaneous online versions in English and Spanish starting in July 2006.

Wanted: writers, established & emerging rap & urban music artists, music critics, music technology enthusiasts, editors, photographers, web developers, djs and cartoonists.

Areas of expertise: rap, reggaeton, caribbean and latin american urban beats, music technology, street photography, fashion, drawing.

Requirements: extreme and unwavering passion for urban music. if you fall asleep with your mp3 player in your ears listening to rap and reggaeton, we want to hear from you. if you think about mix cds and the hip hop underground from sun up to sun down, we want to hear from you. if your opinions about caribbean and latin urban beats are so strong that you want to talk about it all the time and get on everybody's nerves, we definitely want to hear from you. obviously, you should have the requisite experience in your chosen area of expertise, but your passion for urban music supersedes everything else.

Compensation: this is a bootstrap magazine and a labor of love. at this point, the founders have no funding for this project, therefore, no monetary compensation is being offered at this time. however, contributors will receive full credit, acknowledgement and exposure to thousands of readers on a daily basis. our ultimate goal is to compensate contributors as funds become available. we will work with college students who wish to intern for college credit on a case by case basis.

English and Spanish speaking urban music enthusiasts who would like to be a part of this unique and ground breaking opportunity are encouraged to submit work samples and /or a mission statement.

Advertisers and interested contributors should contact Explicit Lyrics editor-in-chief, Lois "tribalsun" Guchu at http://www.explicitlyricsonline.com.

Lois Guchu

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