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Giving the People What They Want

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Indianapolis, IN - With so much negativity emanating from the urban entertainment community, its not often that we take the opportunity to praises our successes. The phenomenal growth of Word On The Street (WOTS), an independent grassroots entertainment e-zine is one of those succeses.

Averaging 550 hits a day, WOTS has evolved from a simple message board into a multifaceted e-zine and newsletter that combines celebrity interviews, movie and music reviews and factual entertainment news with the witty, on-point and irreverent comments of board members. And who hits WOTS? Just about everyone - from individuals who want to keep abreast of the latest entertainment buzz to on-air radio/television personalities looking for a hot scoop to celebrities themselves - WOTS is fast becoming the source for celebrity news.

Founder Shelia Chadwick knows what keeps people coming to WOTS. She says, "Word on the Street is different because it's not fake or watered down. It's about having factual content based upon what the people want." Since its inception, the ezine has evolved to include music, movie and book reviews as well as a section devoted to sports. "There is so much that we as African Americans contribute," Shelia says. "And we don't often get the support that we need without there being some type of string attached. WOTS has no strings attached and functions pretty much like a non-profit agency. My goal is to give."

For Shelia WOTS really is a labor of love. She maintains WOTS with her own money and has vowed that the ezine will always remain free to readers.

While Word on the Street is about black entertainment, Shelia's true passion is music and she recently introduced a New Artists Spotlight where up-and-coming acts R&B, Neo-Soul, Hip-Hop and Rap artists can pitch their latest CD's and projects free of charge. "I love music and keeping music alive is important to me. I consider WOTS as a means of bridging the gap between the mature artists (old school) and the present day (new school) artists. My primary focus is to keep the memory of those that have paved the way alive but the truth of the matter is that we can't ignore the new artists that are creating trends and paving a new way. Each needs to appreciate the contributions of the other and I hope to use my ezine to celebrate both."

Shelia Chadwick is available to comment on Word On The Street. To check out the ezine for yourself, visit http://www.thewordonthestreet.info. You can subscribe to the emailing list on the contents page as well.

Contact: Shelia Chadwick
(317) 902-3552

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