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Hip Hop Brand Becomes The "New"-Scents In Air Fresheners

Hip Hip Air Fresheners starts to take off with sales of over 75,000 units i think we have some sort of fad on our hands

Atlanta, Georgia (PRWEB) July 15, 2005 -- The newest hip-hop trend of the summer comes not from the hottest clothing designer, instead it finds itself in the form of an automobile air freshener.

Hot new fragrances like Gangsta Lean Cherry, Hot Boy Vanilla, and Keep It Pimpin Spice are just a few of the aromatic offerings developed by Urban Air Fresheners, Inc., an Atlanta-based firm.

The concept was the borne of CEO and native New Yorker, Tarik Edmonson, a self-proclaimed lover of hip-hop whose vision has come to life.

There is always a market for any product with hip-hop influence, he remarks. Our customers are young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who wanted something that represented their hood and we are giving it to them.

It has become clear that Edmonson is correct in his viewpoint. These sharp looking and great smelling accessories are popping up in a number of Atlanta neighborhood retailers.

Weve shipped 60,000 units to Atlanta within the last three days, says Marceau Lasada, of Lasada Ltd., a North Carolina distributor, and weve received additional orders from a number of other national retailers.

We only met with Lasada Ltd two months ago. They were very enthusiastic about our product, and were anxious to work with us. If sales continue at the current pace as indicated by the Atlanta market, says Edmonson, we can expect to move as much as 275,000 units before summer ends.

Urban Air Fresheners, Inc. the maker of hip-hop auto air fresheners is currently enjoying the favorable buzz that has been generated as a result of recent exposure in Sister 2 Sister magazine. Their products are available at local Atlanta retailers.

Tarik Edmonson

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