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Indie Label Scores Podcasting Hit on iTunes

Alpha Pup Records, a small independent label based in Los Angeles, enjoys massive success with its DJ-mixed podcast on iTunes. The "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge" has attracted over 40,000 subscribers since its launch on July 1st, and shows no signs of slowing down.

(PRWEB) July 21, 2005 -- Alpha Pup Records, a Los Angeles-based independent record label, has become one of the first true underdog success stories in the podcasting phenomenon. Since the launch of iTunes 4.9 on June 28, podcasting has caught on like wildfire, with iTunes users racking up over a million subscriptions within the first two days.

Alpha Pup Records was one of the first independent labels to deliver a music podcast. Blending avant-garde rap with experimental electronic beats, Alpha Pup's "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge" podcast debuted on July 1, and was added to the iTunes Podcast Directory on July 3. Since then, it's been nothing but a skyrocket up the iTunes Top 100 Podcast Chart.

Initially entering the Top 100 Podcast Chart on July 9 at #96, the "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge" reached #77 within 24 hours, and then cracked the Top 50 on July 11. Alpha Pup's podcast has maintained that position ever since. Without feature positioning or banner placement, the label's podcast has been charting higher than offerings from ESPN, CNN, ABC, BBC, and even podcast pioneer KCRW.

"We're simply astonished," said Daddy Kev, co-owner of the underground hip-hop label. "To think that a label of our size can compete with multi-billion dollar media conglomerates on a broken shoe-string budget... it's an impossible dream come true."

Co-owned by business partner/fiancee Danyell Jariel, Alpha Pup is a small independent record label, operating out of Kev and Danyell's two-bedroom home near Downtown Los Angeles. "The recording studio and label office -- I mean, our two desks -- are in one bedroom, and we sleep in the other," Kev explained. "The garage is the stockroom, and we do most of our mailings on the kitchen table or on the couch."

Despite their modest surroundings, the success of Alpha Pup's podcast has been worldwide. On the iTunes Podcast Charts in Europe, the "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge" is on fire, charting #7 in France, #12 in Italy, and Top 30 in the United Kingdom and Germany. In less than a month, the "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge" podcast has gained an astronomical number of subscribers, over 40,000 worldwide.

"I give most of the credit to the artists who are featured on the podcast because it shows that quality independent music can prevail in an industry dominated by big business," said Danyell. "Our artist roster is a very close knit family, and we couldn't be happier for the awareness this is generating for them."

Established in 2004, Alpha Pup Records is an artist-owned and operated indie label, specializing in underground hip-hop and experimental electronic music. Signed artists include AWOL One, Daddy Kev, Busdriver, The Grouch, Existereo, Ricci Rucker and Paris Zax. "Alternative Hip-Hop Lounge: Episode 2" mixed by Los Angeles producer Omid was released July 15. Alpha Pup has plans to release two podcasts a month, featuring music from it's catalog, and creatively mixed by Alpha Pup artists and affiliates.

Danyell Jariel

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