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Net's First Spanglish Podcast Network Debuts

Today one of the Net's leading Latin music retailers, LatinoMusical, announced the initiation of its new worldwide promotion platform, which launched July 15, 2005.

(PRWEB) July 20, 2005 -- Today one of the Net's leading Latin music retailers, LatinoMusical announced initiation of its a new worldwide promotion platform, which launched July 15, 2005. The site hopes to provide latino solo artists, record labels and bilingual podcasters the opportunity to cash in on the value of the internet.

Aimed predominately at the independent and emerging latino music markets, LatinoMusical via its new site at www.myfmtv.net, billed as the Net's first Spanglish podcast network will provide a universal promotion platform. Artists and podcasters will have the ability to promote their music in both video and audio podcasts.

MyFMTV.NET will actively and aggresively promote the opportunity via its portfolio of sites,of which currently enjoy around 1/2 million visits per year combined and great exposure via Google, Yahoo, MSN, Dogpile and other great search engines. MyFMTV.net has announced that artists will
also have extra promotion via its association with Live365.com and it's own syndicated audio and video podcast network,which is featured on it's network of company sites and affiliates. Currently,MYFMTV.NET is BMI licensed and is working towards getting Snocap Licensed as well.

A number of differences set MYFMTV.NET apart from the other online legal distribution channels; primarily the ability to reach a world-wide audience, legally, with unsigned music and independent labels,in addition to offering un-heard of original podcast programming. This will initiate an expansion of all forms of alternative music and support smaller players within the latin music industry.

Unlike other leading brands,MYFMTV.NET will focuse on the niche market for latin music promotion rather than the major record companies that dominate our charts. MYFMTV.NET wants to hear from every latino
oriented band,independant music producer,artist and spanish podcaster looking for alternative distribution channels. Note,it is currently seeking bilingual podcasters and a spanglish dj host for it's planned music podcast.

For more information,please contact:
Micheal Marrero

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