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New Career Development Website, "Producers' Beat Station", AidS Current and Future Hip Hop and R&B Producers Online

A site for Hip Hop and R&B producers, offering free exposure to find projects through artists by exchanging contact info, also offering a growing archive of tips and tools to help make better instrumentals.

(PRWEB) July 21, 2005 -- http://beatstation.tripod.com/ has just been launched and is looking to reach the entire online Hip Hop production community.

Looking to emerge as a Hotspot for beat-makers old and new, this promising website is geared to help any producer create or maintain a career in mainstream Hip Hop or underground by: providing free exposure, free production knowledge and experience, and affordable production software tools for platinum sounding production.

BS aint no B.S.! Easily enough, Hip Hop and R&B producers can visit the site, input their contact info to share and look up any artists that may fit their production style. The website does the rest of the work, through marketing and promotion, to bridge the gap between artists, producers and potential projects. Potential projects mean potential deals!

The train is moving, quickly gaining digital ground! This site boasts to unify urban beat production knowledge on the web, with the added help of visiting producers, by focusing any and all heat-making tips, tricks and skills into one archive freely available to those who want it.

Instep with todays tidal wave of digital media & production software, this website also provides any producer with affordable soundsets, loopsets, and original licensed songs for royalty-free sampling and derivative work. All kits and songs are organized in simple categories so the producer can specifically choose what they need and take what they want.

With your support, this site is poised to help ignite any producers career in Hip Hop, blazing an easier path of success for these musical artists. All are welcomed to check out the site. Interact and share feedback!

Joshua May

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