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Northstarr makes Christian Hip Hop more popular than ever!

Los Angeles, CA -- July 20, 2005 -- Before you begin to formulate
Thoughts about NorthStarr (*aka* NS), a Christian Hip Hop music group,
NorthStarr's sound will definitely be the break through group that
popular radio stations will play in heavy rotation. The group is
composed of 5 members: DTM, T-Dogg, Sam-Bam, E-roc, AV, ranging from
16-18 years old, each providing a very unique sound, reflective of
different talents. It's Hard to imagine a Hip Hop song without
profanity, degrading women, violent and drug lyrics and still being the
hottest Hip Hop group ever. B2K's Raz-B, reveals, "NS is definitely a
Hip Hop group that will make waves in the industry. They don't have a
preachy sound, they just have an upbeat, fun, and fresh message that
are going to gravitate to."

No newcomer to the streets, they were raised in the troubled towns of
Compton and South Central in Los Angeles where fighting to live and be
on the right side of the track is a constant battle. T-Dogg shares, "It
was only our faith in God, that we've been able to avoid and escape the
daily drive-bys, deadly fights, shoot-outs, and the temptations of
down the wrong path." They believe that being "in" doesn't mean that
they have to compromise their beliefs. They are very popular in high
school, and are trendsetters. DTM states, "We were looking for someone
to follow, someone to lead us in the Hip Hop industry, but I believe if
it takes us to be the leaders, with the help of God, we will be the
leaders that we were looking for."

According to their Manager Linda Luna, "Everyone can expect hot music.
Some might be turned off because they may hear the word "God or Jesus"
in some of their songs, and automatically think that it is not hip, but
that couldn't be furthest from the truth. We have hot producers working
with us such as Keith McMasters who has made hits for Chingy, Ludacris,
and Boyz in Da Hood of Bad Boys South camp. Keith says "NorthStarr
provides a fresh new, clean, positive, and fun sound that can be heard
on the radio, in the clubs, and in the church". NS wants people to know
that their music will be just as trendy as 50 cent and Jay-Z, but the
lyrical content will just provide a powerful clean message.

NorthStarr is a contemporary, fresh and innovative Christian Hip Hop
group that will provide a refreshing alternative to those who love the
music and beats, but want more than that, want quality music all the
around. They are the alternative for teenagers and adults who want to
make a difference in their worlds.

For information: www.northstarronline.net or manager:

Shemia Miller
Shemia Miller & Associates
Post Office Box 16254
Savannah, GA 31416
Phone: 912-356-5392

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