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The princess of freestyles is back and better than ever.

New York, New York - July 13, 2005 After a two year hiatus, Lady Luck,
is reborn. Back with a new look, new sound and a new and improved outlook on life and this rap game she is ready to take over.
You may remember Lady Luck from her spontaneous freestyles on New
Yorks radio station Hot 97, or from her performances on Redmans 2001
Malpractice toureither way, you remember Luck.
You may have also heard rumors that Lady Luck was taken out of the game by Terror Squads, Remy Martin, during an underground fight club MC battle in New
York City. Well, thats what you heard! Lucks never been taken down and with that said, listen to the battle and you be the judge.

The rebirth of this lady is evident on her latest mix tape, appropriately entitled The Rebirth of a Lady. Her sound is improved; its crisper, sexy, and smooth and all on top of crazy beats. On the CD, Luck ushers in her rebirth with unforgettable, quick tongued, down and gritty rhymes, all apparent on tracks Luck is Home and Nothing. She further demonstrates her lyrical prowess as she cleverly expresses her dislike of none other than Remy Martin, on Fuck Remy. Yes, Fuck Remy. Then Luck switches gears by keeping it sexy on Nasty Girls, featuring G-Units Olivia, and Come Home with Me and she, of course, keeps the party jumping with the contagious, ass-shaking track Get Naked.

Luck is lyrically still on top of her game and with the female rap scene as it stands currently, she is a breath of fresh air and a definite force to be reckoned with.

Look out for rebirth of a Lady at a corner near you and catch her highly anticipated single when it drops later this summer.

Sushil Torres
The Buzz International Group
535 West 34 Street
New York, NY 10001
646.792.2901 office

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