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Recording Artist K-CINO Searching For A Cure With 'A Better Way Foundation'

Aims To Aid Hodgskin's Disease Patients, Among Others

Manhattan, NY (PRWEB) June 21, 2005 -- K-CINO, the headlining artist on "Tha Awakening Tour", the largest hip hop tour to hit the nation this Fall, has formed a non-profit organization called 'A Better Way Foundation' to aid and support cancer patients. K-CINO, along with other memebers of the Board of Directors of SSC Records, established this foundation not only to further develop scientific methods of cancer research, but also to help individual patients cope with the harsh realities of terminal diseases.

"Seeing the day to day struggles of a cancer patient first hand, with my cousin and co-CEO of SSC Records battling Hodgskin's Disease, I learned how difficult it is not only physically, but mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Most of the cancer support organizations are aimed to aid the patient in the physical, but not in the mental or emotional sense. I also wanted to make sure that we included a program for friends and families, because cancer is almost as hard on them as it is on the patient."

K-CINO continued by saying, "...you know, people say there isn't anything you can do for terminally-ill patients; I say that's bullsh*t. They gave my cousin a month to live on his deathbed, and look at him now. Even if we can't cure cancer, we can at least make it as comfortable as possible for the patients, so they want to live, and they want to continue fighting."

K-CINOs second full-length album entitled, The Bottom Line, Executive Produced by D/R Period (http://www.drperiodmusic.com), featuring many celebrity collaborations, due in stores this Fall.

For more on K-CINO, The Bottom Line, Upcoming Tour dates, or 'A Better Way Foundation', visit http://www.kcino.biz.

Monica Brown

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