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Ace High Records and Yella B

It is about time. Ace High Records is back with another street banger. Not your average Joe, Yella B is sure to enlighten you with his lyrical content, his family values,and the ways of the real world on the streets. Yella B better know as Leon Richardson IV is the newest hot thing on the streets of Sacramento Ca. Born in San Francisco and now living in Sacramento. Yella is set to make a run for the thrown of King of the Bay.

Yellas up bringing in the streets, and growing up from a boy to a man has inspired his music as well as his life long journey. This music game has given Yella ways to express his hurt and pain in this game of life without bringing harm to others. Yella is a very unique artist and his style is based after Cougnut, Mr. Cee, and Seagram which are all past underground Bay Area Kings in their own right. Yella takes this style a little further, and turns it into what we call "Dawg Wata."

Yella has been working hard and focusing on his craft. Having done work with a number of labels and artist. Yella decided to go to a good friend of his (Lil Frig) who was already on a local label called Ace high Records.Ace High would giveYella the freedom to be his self and set up a plan to potentially take over the Sacramento to Frisco scene. Once Yella signed with Ace High Records in 2004, he put his hard hat on with another new addition to Ace High (producer Normas' Child), and began laying the foundation.

Yella has crossed paths with just about all the heavy weights of the bay. Being a great performer is something he takes pride in. He has no problem sharing the stage with anyone. He can perform with the best of them. So as Yella continues on his journey of becoming the King of the Bay. You will surely hear him pour out his soul on every verse, every hook and at every show he does. He is definitely a lost art, and you are sure to know this.

Yella B "Work Ethics" records release party at club 815 & L Aug. 19 '05
Located at 815&L St.
Sacramento Ca.

For more info contact:
Rod "Bigg Dogg" Shead
Ace High Records
P.O.Box 38811
Sacramento Ca, 95838
E-Mail: Acehighrecord2k@aol.com

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