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B-C has released Holy Hip Hop album: My Testimony on U.G.E.

(PRWEB) August 16, 2005 -- B-C has released his debut studio album 'My Testimony' on U.G.E. on June 26, 2005.

The autobiographical 'My Testimony' recounts the spiritual quest of the gospel rapper rise from failure to victory.

Special guests include A-1, John Barnes, and Kendra.

Spirituality has always been an inspiration for me, and the personal experiences of growing up in low income housing and opening up for Fred Hammond has led to the creation of the autobiographical CD 'My Testimony.' This stunning cd, traces B-C's life and his ultimate embrace of Christianity. It was released on June 26, 2005, on U.G.E.

B-C's thirst for a closer relationship with God and the search for something infinite and greater than ourselves led to his Christian faith. How he discovered and embraced that faith is the thematic basis for 'My Testimony.' The songs tell the story of how he left failure and took a long journey that led him that salvation.

"I feel'My Testimony' is for both non-Christians and Christians. But, perhaps even more for people who aren't acquainted with Christ. It's not a praise and worship album by any means. I\'m not using 'My Testimony' to preach and the album doesn't tell people what to do. It tells what happened to me personally, as if I was giving my testimony in church at: it's just a bit longer!" says B-C.

Musically speaking,'Testimony' is a richly textured album with elements of everything from Hip Hip-styled to progressive R&B elements.

The songs on 'My Testimony' include: "My Testimony," "Stand Back," "Thorns," "Make It Rain," "Backslider," "Question," "Reason," "My Wife," "If," "When The Spirit,"

B-C wrote'My Testimony' while he was homeless and living place to place in Baton Rouge, La. A-1 produced and mix My Testimony.

In 1997, after writing and recording a song with the Abundant Life Choir in Newport News, VA, and touring with the Friends And Unity Choir he left the group. The timing could not have been stranger, So, at the start of his success, B-C moved from Hampton, VA, to Baton Rouge LA, for the reason as "feeling called by God to do something in a new place." He adds, "It was a totally spiritual decision. I wasn't sure where the Lord was taking me, but I just knew I had to trust him and step out in faith."

"Suddenly, I had a flood of ideas that led to the 'My Testimony' concept and I knew it was the Lord inspiring me. Almost everything was newly written except for 'Question,' which was an idea I had during my time with the 'Abundant Life Choir'period."

B-C began an incredibly prolific writing and recording regimen. He started working on 'My Testimony' in October 2002 and finished in December 2004, the right pace for a project of this magnitude and complexity.

As for the reaction B-C expects to get from both the progressive hip hop and contemporary Gospel music worlds, he has no idea. Nor any expectations. "The response will probably run the gamut. Some will love it and some will hate it. It needs to find its own place out there. It's a totally unique album in that it's a progressive hip hop epic with a Christian message, which to my knowledge has never been done before, so it'll need to find it's own unique audience," he says.

Touring is planned to promote'My Testimony.' B-C is planning to play shows at smaller venues.

"It was a very joyous time for me making 'My Testimony.' I'm so thrilled. I feel the Lord blessed the album," says B-C. "It's a wonderful thing."

'My Testimony' is available for download online at www.emorytv.com, www.msn.com and hard copies are available at www.cdbaby.com

Emory Garris

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