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Charlie Manhattan Readies Album Release

From the Bay Area to Manhattan, a sonic jihad is ready to strike with the long-awaited release of the provocative debut album from Charlie Manhattan. Titled "The Manhattan Project," (named after the top-secret engineering project that developed the atom bomb), the album is set to detonate in late summer, 2005.

With San Francisco as Ground Zero, Charlies wickedly proficient, bone-crushing rhymes take aim with eighteen blazing tracks that will make weaker MCs run and take cover. Prior to this release, Charlie was already dropping explosive joints on Bay Area compilation albums such as "Killa Tay Presents The Murder Show Soundtrack," "11-5 Presents: Grind And Post," and "Theme Music To Drug Dealins And Killins," (which featured the likes of Young Noble of The Outlawz, Guce and Cold World Hustlers).

Born as Charles Williams, this earsplitting rhyme slinger from the Yay got his street name Charlie Manhattan from the horror flick Jason Takes Manhattan. While New York provided the backdrop to Jasons deadly craft, the Bay View Hunters Point section of San Francisco affected Charlies art. Manhattans life has also been shadowed by an extremely tough break: throughout his entire life, his own father has been serving time in prison. Charlies harsh surroundings, however, convinced him to drop bombs that are creative, rather than destructive. Charlie says, I have seen gang violence, drugs, pretty much everything. It has influenced me in my music. But since Im a really down to earth person, Im not segregating myself off to one section of the city or part of Cali, or one part of anything. My experiences have impacted me, through the things that Ive seen, been around, and things that my family members have been through.

Producers on this explosive album are Laid Black Productions, comprised of Mr. Laid and Chill Black, with additional contributions made by Slo Burn of BAISS Entertainment, and one of the Bay Areas newest female producers, L7. Featured guests include U.D.I., Pho Balo, vocalist Calita Talley, R&B singer Omari Jelani, and Charlies younger brother, Lil Brah.

Among the radioactive tracks on the album is War Anthem, a street hymn for those who are going through their own battles. Charlie says, It seems that everyone has their own war they are fighting, and there are also some political statements in the song. People in the hood who are in poverty are fighting, and if you want something, you have to keep your eyes on the prize.

A song about how people get curve balls thrown in their lives, Ghetto Love is about falling in love with someone who you think will be with you the rest of your life, but fate intervenes, and there is nothing you can do about it.

Do What Cha Like is a smooth as velvet homage to doing what makes you feel good.

Me And You samples The Turtles classic rock hit, Happy Together, and is about two people who love each other, go though good times and bad times, and then come of age.

Charlie has already played a number of live shows. He points out, Ive done a lot of competitions with my camp. I remember a performance, a show we did with Mac Dre that was huge, about a year and a half ago. It was real shocking when he died. He was part of the Bay Area music scene, contributing for so long. The reaction to his death really showed how important the Bay Area is to people in hiphop. It was far and wide, which meant a lot to us.

The album is slated for release late this summer by Laid Black Productions and RNB Entertainment Group, headed by EMI Music veteran Tom Cartwright and longtime Bay Area entertainment entrepreneur, Warren Foster.

This fall, fallout from The Manhattan Project will be universally heard, and will be felt by hiphop fans from Charlies hood to yours.

Media Contact: Phyllis Pollack
Def Press Public Relations

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