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Completely Independent Rap Major Announces New World Tour & Annual Festival

(PRWEB) August 4, 2005 -- Despite being a rap industry tycoon Thug-Armada MogulCEO Artaphac the Kingpin of the streets Announces today that he will launch a world tour dedicated to help Cancer Patients and HIV Prevention.

Proceeds from the tour will also go to UNICEF, and benefit the American Legacy Foundation along with other International Non-profit Organizations.

Calling it World Day, in hopes that this mentality will catch on Internationally, Artaphac hopes to bring together the ever changing International community under one common ground, that is our Love for music.

Earth Day, better known as World Day, is one of the most massive non-profit projects ever conceived. Hoping to reach out to more than 70 impoverished countries Earth Day, will be the worlds largest charity event reaching out to more than one billion people.

Saying, If I dont do it no one will, picking up the reigns where some of the greatest rappers and most influential people in history have left off. Artaphac, anticipating things to come has predicted that, International cooperation on this effort will be substantial because, most people envision a world that loves peace.

Hoping to help fight terrorism and promote equality, Artaphac hopes to raise social and cultural awareness Worldwide. The only way for us to get along with each other, and our neighbors is to put down the guns and communicate we are capable of that in the 22nd century, stated Artaphac, World Day is an opportunity to do that a Art , described it as moment of peace.


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