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DJ's Royalty-Free Online Music Library Hits the Right Note

Launched by DJ Steve Bainbridge, Royalty Free Music Library www.beatsuite.com is proving a real success.

(PRWEB) August 1, 2005 -- An online music library launched by Newcastle-based The Beat Suite to provide easy access and download of high quality, royalty-free music and sounds is proving a real success.

www.beatsuite.com, which took 15 months to develop, was launched by DJ Steve Bainbridge only nine months ago to offer film, video, multi-media production companies and games developers an online, high-quality, royalty-free music service.

Already, The Beat Suite has attracted clients such as London-based advertising agency Thirty Three and has chalked up sales across the world including the United States, Canada, Australia, Germany and Mexico.

Bainbridge, Managing Director of The Beat Suite, says the early successes show that www.beatsuite.com is the type of service production companies and agencies are looking for and will use, and that there is an international market for the provision of royalty-free online music and sound effects.

He says: Music changes constantly and many of these changes are subtle - you have to understand these changes in tones, instrumentation, rhythms etc in order to satisfy clients demands for the latest sounds. My 15 years experience as a DJ and the eclectic modern music knowledge of our producers and composers means that we can anticipate the latest audio trends and, therefore, deliver the latest contemporary sounds for our clients.

From modern contemporary dance clips and futuristic sound effects to world music, Latin and funk, we provide a comprehensive range of music styles written and produced to broadcast quality with the requirements of production companies in mind. And, as music is an international language in itself, there are no boundaries to where or who we sell to.

The Beat Suite has identified a niche in the market which is hugely under-serviced. Most audio available over the Internet is licensed and, therefore, creates complications for production companies as they may use audio clips in a way that breaches the terms of the license they have purchased.

With www.beatsuite.com, says Bainbridge, these complications are overcome because people pay a one-off fee which enables them to use a specific audio sound in whatever manner they choose without having to pay royalties. The music can be instantly previewed, purchased and downloaded using a credit or debit card. Its very easy to use.

And with the quality of our composers and producers - more than 30 - there is a broad range of exciting and contemporary royalty-free music and sounds to choose from which can be used for multiple purposes such as websites, multimedia, animations, presentations, exhibitions, and video as well as broadcast and computer games.

www.beatsuite.com is a royalty free production music library supplying high quality music and sounds to the multimedia, broadcast and computer games industry.

For more information visit www.beatsuite.com.

Stevie Bainbridge
44 0191 221 2400

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