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Double Empak, the producers who shows major credits for their productions of DMX, SHYNE, JA RULE, just to name a few, has signed a new young artist named STIZZ AGGRESSION.

After winning the respect of Double Empak, with his live performances and skilled talent as an artist, rapper and producer, STIZZ, the artist known for his captivating style of hip hop and rap skills, has entered into a producers agreement with the prestigious production company as one of their producers.

Double Empak has Dame Grease who is better known as Vacant Lot.

At a talent showcase for rappers/hip-hop artists in New Haven, Connecticut, artists and fans are sitting down, drinking and listening to the performances, some even rising to join in on the refrains. Nobody is sitting, though, when Stizz takes the stage. He is apparently popular with the other artists, and many dedicate a shout-out to him when they take the stage. But now that he is on stage, everyone stands, gathers around the stage and enjoys pure entertainment. It is almost impossible to see him through the crowd that gathers, dancing, bobbing heads, and joining in joyfully on the chorus. Stizz has a high energy style, and is a natural performer. With an engaging smile and the ability to get an audience whipped into a frenzy, it is easy to see why Stizz is one of New Havens most popular music artists.

Stizz, now in his early 20s, looks back five years to the time when he decided to become a rap/hip-hop artist. Previously, he had worked as a DJ at several local venues and had been teaching a class on the art of being a DJ to the local children in the projects. Although he did teach them the skills to DJ, his message was more important: you can do anything as long as you put your heart and soul into it. After years of spinning other artists work on the turntable, he decided to give it a try himself, and the response was very positive. Now, five years later, the native New Haven residents music is heard on such programs as MTVs Pimp My Ride, The Newlyweds, The Osbournes, The Jessica Simpson Show, Trippin and a new show called NEXT. Even putting a couple of quarters in a video game might give you a look at his talent, as he has contracted to create several tracks for Midway Games, the video game company.

With a major label contract coming soon, Stizz is getting ready to explode onto national radio, music stores, and into the public eye, due to his Producers agreement with a highly recognized production company, Double Empak, that produces artists such as DMX, Camron, and Shyne.

With a creative ear for beats and an interesting turn of a phrase, Stizz's music goes from violent to funny, tense to seductive. His popular track, "Tear Da Club UP" adds rowdy violence to a beat that makes you want to get up and do just that. "All This Money" is a seductive song of passion and fun. His music definitely illustrates the joys and sorrows, the hope and the violence that make up life on the streets.

Stizz endured many hardships as a youth . He has adapted well to his condition and hopes that his presence on stage and in the public forum may act as encouragement to others to fulfill their dreams. "It doesn't matter who you are or what you are, you can do anything your mind tells you to do, so handle your business!" Stizz informed me at a recent interview. Between finishing his first album and finishing his contract with Midway Games , he also sells beats from his studio to other rappers. By the time this artist celebrates the releasing of his first album, he will have had quite a busy time.

When asked what he feels his biggest strength is, he replied "I would say it's my sincerity. When I'm rapping, you believe what I'm telling you in the song." Stizz looks many places for the inspiration to create his beats. During the interview, I spy a vinyl copy of a collection of music by Arthur Fiedler and the Boston Pops. When I look at him inquiringly, he grins. "I found some really good ideas on that one." He is a modest man with a good sense of humor and an engaging personality. He has the same strong moral convictions that he shares with his mother/manager Ms. Thomas. They work well as a team, she plotting strategy and him making his magic in the production studio to bring that strategy to completion. When asked about her son as a client, Ms. Thomas smiles warmly. "He is a very sweet man and is very easy to manage. Some artists I work with are difficult to handle, constantly arguing and wanting to do things their own way, but Stizz is great. He leaves the business up to me, and I leave the music up to him." This seems to be a successful strategy, as his popularity on internet radio shows that listeners like his music. I believe that this young artist will descend on the music scene like a tornado, and leave the listeners gasping in surprise in his wake.

Double Empak released Stizzs first album, on August 30, entitled THE PREVIEW which is an introduction to Stizz to the world of the mainstream industry.

This hard hitting impacted album is produced, composed and written by Stizz to let the world know that his talents in the studio are as hard impacted as they are on stage.

You can get more info on Stizz by going to www.pgironline.com


Written by:
Debra Albright
VA Publicist
August 30, 2005

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