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Exclusive Interview - Author Says Rap Icon Tupac May Be Alive

An Exclusive interview with the lead author of 2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of Tupac Amaru (Volume 1).

ThugLifeArmy.com Press Release -- (ArriveNet - Aug 13, 2005) --Alive theorist of the late great hip-hop rap icon Tupac Shakur have been adding numbers to get their 7s and have been dissecting every word ever recorded by Tupac Shakur ever since his death in 1996. There are many who feel the late hip-hop rap icon is still with us; in the physical form.

Drah Cenedive, lead author of 2Pac Lives, has given his permission for an exclusive interview with ThugLifeArmy.com regarding the Hard Evidence Research Group & Publishing book titled: 2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of Tupac Amaru (Volume 1).

The interview covers the Hard Evidence Group; who they are and their other projects.

This highly anticipated interview has been sought by many sources, but thanks to the Hard Evidence Group and especially Drah Cenedive, ThugLifeArmy.com has acquired exclusive rights to be the first to talk to them about this very controversial book.

By most accounts, Tupac Shakur was murdered in Las Vegas in 1996 while riding in a vehicle with Death Row Records CEO and friend Marion Suge Knight.

Many theories and thoughts have been published about that night and the events surrounding the murder of the legendary Tupac Shakur. This book is not the ordinary theory book on the death of the legendary Tupac Shakur. 2Pac Lives The Death of Makaveli / The Resurrection of Tupac Amaru (Volume 1) is a book, that if read with an open mind, presents things for the reader to think about.

Many have read this book with an open mind and have walked away with their own doubts if the west coast legend is truly dead or not.

According to Drah Cenedive There has only been 144,000 of the books printed and when they are gone that will be all there are.

The interview can be seen on the www.ThugLifeArmy.com website.

This is a 2 Part interview. Part 2 will be posted on Saturday August 20th.

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