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FIELD MOB Joins Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace Label

And Readies the Release of Their 3rd CD, Light Poles and Pine Trees in November 2005

SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace label is proud to announce the signing of FIELD MOB, one of the pioneering groups of the current Southern Hip-Hop explosion. And the timing couldn't be more perfect: The Albany, Georgia natives' third release, Light Poles and Pine Trees, is scheduled to hit the street November 2005 on Disturbing Tha Peace/Geffen Records. Powered by a handful of heavyweights, including Bun B, Bone Crusher, Jazze Pha, Bobby Valentino and DTP leader Ludacris, Light Poles and Pine Trees serves up more of the ghetto tales and good times FIELD MOB is best known for. Co-CEO of Disturbing Tha Peace, Chaka Zulu, insists "Shawn Jay and Smoke are two of the top ten lyrical MCs in the South. Field Mob being added to DTP strengthens our movement and makes us untouchable."

FIELD MOB's Smoke and Shawn Jay, formerly Boondox and Kalage, have always thought three was a charm. Now they're banking on it with the release of their 3rd CD. It should come as no surprise that their CD is stacked with so many celebs. Their debut, 613: From Ashy to Classy was hailed by hip-hop critics as one of the best albums of 2001. The follow-up, From Tha Roota To Tha Toota, which includes the breakout hit "Sick of Being Lonely," struck a chord with hip-hop heads from the east to the west and all in between.

Currently, FIELD MOB's underground classic, "Georgia," is creating a buzz at radio comparable to the din of a million gnats in your ear. "Georgia," powered by the hook from another great Georgia native, Ray Charles, is a historical collaboration with their new label head, Ludacris. The first official single, "Friday Night," is a swirling, funky roller skating jam crafted by one of their main beat-makers, Kenjo. After producing Field Mob's 2002 hit "Sick of Being Lonely," Jazze Pha returns to bless the duo with their second single "So What," including Crunk/R&B Princess Ciara. Other highlights include "D.U.I." featuring Bun B, "Deep Tonight" with ATL's Bone Crusher, and Bobby Valentino smoothing things out on "Sorry Baby."

If you're already familiar with FIELD MOB, or just getting to know them, you'll quickly understand their choice for album title. "The name of the album is Light Poles and Pine Trees because there ain't no skyline where we're from," explains Shawn Jay. "There's no arch like in St. Louis or palm trees like California," continues Smoke aka Chevy Pendagrass. "You look up and that's what you see in Albany."

Looking to redirect the Southern spotlight their way, FIELD MOB is certain they're delivering the hits to do just that. On their latest, Smoke and Shawn Jay reaffirm their status as pioneers of the Southern sound. "I feel like we're the most posturepedic group in the industry right now," declares Shawn Jay. "Meaning, we're the most slept-on artists. Other artists know that if them boys get a little bit of light, its over."

Watch and listen: FIELD MOB is about to shine.

Source: Interscope Records

CONTACT: Junior Suriel, +1-212-841-8272, or fax, +1-212-841-8268,
Junior.Suriel@umusic.com, for Interscope

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