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Legendary DJ Kool Herc Appears In Jin (The Emcee) Music Video

August 26, 2005
New York, NY - The year was 1973. The place was 1520 Sedgwick Avenue, The Bronx. Thats where it all began. On a defining August 11th evening, DJ Kool Herc rocked a party outside a recreation center down the street from his house. But this wasnt just any party. On that evening, Hip Hop was born.

Flash forward some 30 years later. Same DJ. Different Time. Same Spirit. Different Place.

A video shoot is underway at Fat Beats record store in NYCs Lower West Side. DJ Kool Herc is behind the turntables. But in front, is a fresh face. He is Jin Au-Yeung, known nowadays as The Emcee. This is the same emcee who dominated BETs 106th and Park Freestyle Fridays competition. Its the same emcee who took home $50,000 and a new car at the 2004 Mixshow Power Summit in Puerto Rico.

The video being shot is for The Emcees first single, Top 5 (Dead or Alive). We had to get Herc in this video. There was no choice., says The Emcee. He birthed this thing we all know as Hip Hop. Everything we know about it leads right back to him.

Top 5 (Dead or Alive) is a homage to the emcees of past and present who have defined a culture which has found its way into just about every nook and cranny on the face of The Earth. The song is an important lesson to those who arent familiar with Hip Hops lineage. Emcees from Kurtis Blow to Jadakiss, Slick Rick to Scarface, Rakim to Nas. If its on your personal Top 5 list, you can bet that artist is mentioned on the record.

Kool Herc agreed to appear in the video after hearing The Emcees take on the subject matter. Herc, whos credited with founding Hip Hop admits that being in the industry hasnt been as lucrative for him as others. Take into account the multi-million dollar endorsement deals a few select artists are receiving. The Emcee even rocks a T-shirt in the video that gets right to the point. It reads: Hip HopWheres Kool Hercs Royalty Check? The shirt comes courtesy of Kool Hercs clothing line, Sedgwick and Cedar.

The video has quite a few surprises and was made possible by the people of New York who have a starring role in the video. The independent music video was produced by Kamel Pratt of Crafty Plugz in association with Draft Records, a new label founded by Howie McDuffie, formerly of Rawkus Records. Up and coming music video director, Todd Angkasuwan helmed the production. To see the video, visit www.theemcee.com or www.myspace.com/imtodd.

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