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Lil Eazy-E Gives His First UK Online Interview To Write On Point

London -- (ArriveNet - Aug 13, 2005) --Lil Eazy-E, the son of the late Eric Eazy-E Wright gives his first UK online interview to Write On Point. In this exclusive interview he discusses the pressures that come with being the son of Hip Hop royalty, his hopes to one day own his fathers label, Ruthless Records, and his up and coming debut album The Prince Of Compton.

Some may think that being the son of the man who helped bring gangsta rap to the forefront in the late 1980s, would open numerous doors when embarking on a successful rap career. But this hasnt necessarily been the case. When asked whether he found it easier to break in to the music industry due to his bloodline, Lil Eazy says its been harder, my father didn't have it easy, and neither have I. I have the weight of a legend to carry, but Im confident that I will be successful in carrying on his legacy.

With the up coming release of his debut album The Prince Of Compton, which boasts production from Dr Dre, DJ Quik, and Sha Money XL, his own company, Kings Of LA, and hopes of one day purchasing his fathers label, Ruthless Records, Lil Eazy has already started the ball rolling of successfully continuing Eazy-Es legacy for many years to come.

Write On Point is an informative and dynamic online publication, dedicated to giving its visitors up to date news and information, from within the world of black entertainment on both sides of the Atlantic. It also aims to give maximum exposure to up-coming home grown UK talent, and information on showcases / events taking place throughout the year.

To read this exclusive interview with Lil Eazy-E visit: www.writeonpoint.co.uk

Janice Spence
Write On Point
Email: janice@writeonpoint.co.uk
Website: www.writeonpoint.co.uk

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