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Miami, FL, August 20, 2005 Over the last ten years, Timbaland, Missy Elliott and the Neptunes have proven that musically, Virginia Beach is not a place to be messed with. Timbalands latest production protg hailing from the same town, Nate Danja Hills (pronounced like danger), is making sure this reputation is upheld. Just at the age of 24, Danja is quickly making a name for himself as a producer whose versatile sound will be heard on some of the most anticipated albums of the upcoming year.

I always considered myself somewhat of a problem when I would play musical instruments, says Danja recalling how he came up with his name. I was born with music in my blood and I remember when I was five, I would pick up spoons and pans in the kitchen and bang on them like they were drums. At the age of 12, Danja became skilled at the piano and perfected his skills as a member of his churchs band.

Danjas first official big break came through a childhood friend of Timbaland, Larry Live, who introduced the aspiring producer to the already established hit maker. The first thing that drew me to him wasnt even his music, says manager Larry Live. It was the fact that he said Timbaland was his idol and anybody that idolizes your best friend, you take notice of that. I knew he had talent because hes one of the few producers I know besides Tim who can produce inside the headphones. I convinced Timbaland that he would be a great fit for his production team and it just felt right. Even to this day, Danja still finds it hard to put into words how he felt when he met Timbaland. I was sitting in front of the dude that influenced me the most and he told me how hot I was, he says in disbelief. He told me he wanted me on his team and to me, hes as big as Quincy Jones. So I didnt know how to accept it.

Due to Danjas prior contractual obligations, he was unable to make Timbalands hope a reality. Luckily for Danja, fate was on his side when two years later, Larry reestablished contact with Danja and helped secure a production partnership with Timbaland. What drew me to Nate was that he reminded me of myself when I first started. I think hell be incredible. More incredible than I am, says Timbaland without any hesitation.

In 2003 Danja began working with Timbaland on his hip-hop artist John Doe. Although an album was never released, he later went on to produce several tracks for Japanese recording artist Utada Hikaru on the album Exodus 04, which went on to sell over 4 million records worldwide. Although this was quite remarkable for a novice producer, Danja says he still doesnt know what its like to have a hit record. Recording almost daily at Hit Factory Studios Criteria in Miami, Danja has almost lost touch with the outside world. A lot of records that Ive worked on have sold one or two million plus, but because Im in the studio so much, I dont know what the word in the street is anymore, but Im glad they have sold that much.

This year alone, Danja has shared co-production credits with Timbaland on tracks such as Lloyd Banks single Im So Fly, Black Eyed Peas My Style, J-Los Hell Be Back, and The Games current single Put You On The Game. If its not already evident, Danja is anything but one-dimensional. I feel like you have to change because the rate at which people start to hate you nowadays, its all because of people doing the same thing; not being able to metamorph or recreate something new. What makes Danja such a threat is that while some producers can only sell records by keeping the same generic formula, Danja challenges himself with each artist he works with to create a brand new sound. I try something new every time I throw on my headphones. You have to be very, very versatile because there are a lot of producers that are the hottest thing today, but you wont hear from them tomorrow.

Danja has already logged studio time with Diddy, JC Chasez from NSync, Ricky Martin, and Capitol Records R&B artist C.J. If thats not enough, Danja is currently in the studio working with Timbalands newly signed artist Nelly Furtado and is expected to produce the highly anticipated first single from Keri Hilson the debut artist from Timbalands new imprint via Interscope Records. On tracks like Get It Poppin and Quicksand, Danja and Hilsons relationship on record is reminiscent to that of Timbaland and the late great Aaliyah. Im very excited about Keri Hilson because we have a crazy chemistry. We clicked and made great records together.

Danjas work with the latter artist will find him stepping out on his own for the first time, something he looks forward to in the future. As Danjas production credits continue to expand, Danja is hoping to lend his gift to help establish new artists. I have plans to break a lot of records and to surpass the greatest producers like Timbaland, Dre and Pharrell. They were able to make their own mark and I want to do the same.


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